More Than You Know
Yeah, check it out
I hope that what I'm about to tell really doesn't ruin
Whatever we had and keep the two of us from doing the
Things we used to, you know just kicking it
Not really specific shit, just passing the time
Anyway I want to say that I'm impressed with your intellect
The way you're dealing with concepts, I'm feeling it
Something on the order of mind sex it's intimate
And I be fiending for dialect, beginning to dilate the gates of my respect
I'm giving it - unconditional too
Cause the person I think made me more personable
Remember when I took you to spoken word
You came home saying it was the dopest shit that you ever heard
In a long time and can I find more places to chill
Sit back relax listen to jazz and build at
I felt that, and what I'm about to say now
Is that we've been kicking it long enough to figure out how
We've looking at what we have between us two
I trust you, sometimes when I see you I lust you
I must do this to get it off of my chest
Forgive me if it's taken too long to divest
But I guess, that what I really want to tell you is
Tell you is, tell you is

I want you more than you would know
So let me share with you my soul
I can't explain the way it feels when you are standing next to me
So if you want me let it show
Whatever you got to say I'm cool with it
That doesn't mean that what I just told you I bullshitted
I'm serious about it but respect if you doubt it
Cause I know sometimes a friendship can get clouded
By the hidden feelings they be concealing from another
Never tell'em the pain is swealling heavy undercover
Something happens and one gets trapped in lying to another
When really it's kind of silly cause the both want to be lovers
I'm sick of contemplating the thought on
Whether telling you how I feel is wrong or not wrong
No amount of philosophy can answer this question
It's about how I'm feeling inside, so I'm professing with pride
My intentions is noble and true
And that's all there ain't much more I got to say to you
And that's all there ain't much more I got to say to you
And oh yeah, there one more thing I got to say to you