What’s Real
[Verse 1: Aloe Blacc]
Just when you least expect, the changes in life direct your path into the road less traveled
A whole different battle from the one you was planning on
Shifting to solid ground you thought you was standing on
You’re wrong, there ain’t no terra firma
Nothing in life is permanent
So make the most of the times spent
I use the intelligent method to make a dent
In the minds of those who find pleasure in the sent
Of the funk that emits when I spit lyrics of senses
Ya’ll realizing this must be my call of life
'Cause there's nothing else that brings such pleasure
As to draft the blueprint of words measure after measure
Each line is a treasure with a valuable gift
My words have the power to move and uplift
An entire generation of youth, even the old and wise
The unborn and those worn in disguise
They hold lives I’m here to unveil reality
Let it be known
Let the truth be shown
Let he is who is without sin cast the first stone

I bet no rocks will ever be thrown
Because we have all transgressed
I’m trying to move past this
But the reality is I’m as human as it gets
So what I feel and what’s real and what’s right
Sometimes struggle and fight
It’s like day versus night
But that’s life
And that’s what’s making life living nice
That’s why I choose to write as my professional practice
Because right is what’s real
And what’s real is what you feel
[Verse 2: Aloe Blacc]
I’m droppin’ lessons on the difference between reality and artificiality
Some people need to change their mentality to oppose the man made edifice built by blind kings
Like Oedipus Rex who said it in text and let it digest into the mind of the people
Who writes history?
Answer this question and you’ll unlock the mystery;
Yo slavery, yo misery
Power and dominion, remember that the author always has an opinion
So read between the lines and look for the signs about mankind
Otherwise, we’re bound to be swimmin’ within the lies of other guys who’ve paralyzed
What’s real with eyes that don’t see and hearts that don’t feel
The falsity breeds catastrophe and that’s ill
I still don’t understand everything—I’m a scholar of life

Learnin' from the book and the street
Victory and defeat
The bitter and the sweet
The shallow and the deep
Whether I’m awake or I’m asleep

I read the road with my feet and remember where I’ve been just in case I have to return again and that’s real
So what I know now is much more pure than the contamination I had learned before
In addition, on this mission to self actualize I find myself belonging to the cast of the wise
In my youth, which is proof of all the years I have left, my spirit will breathe the breath? of the all the righteous steps
So I hope that you will come along with me on the sojourn and then I’ll follow you when it’s your turn
'Cause what’s real is what'cha feel…