The E.N.D.
What's up world
It's Aloe Blacc
Been tryna let y'all know it's only one world we live in
But all I could do
Is just let you know through these lessons

[Verse 1]
My momma told me in so many words
Don't ever let nobody keep me from getting
All the things I deserve
But she' probably take it back if she knew
When it catch up to me one day
What' this karma gonn' do
'Cause I' been running from my past like a convict
Trapped in my own guilty hell of a [?]
Grabbing the sky
Like a blanket let it cover my sin
Little boy trying to wash the blackness off of my skin
'Cause nobody ever called me a king
Had to learn it myself
Had to evaluate my personal wealth
But see society was telling me that evil was black
And the media was supporting the fact
'til I learn all the facts
And I read them books
And then I' seen how the inside of a white lie looks
And then I dreamed of a Martin Luther king and a Malcom
Then I scream 'cause I wasn't really expecting the outcome
See this gleam of all better tomorrow
Shot down in a minute
All of my hopes and my dreams gone wit' it
Then my momma' voice came back and that's what did
You need to get what you deserve son get it
Momma I'm gonn' get it
(Over sample)
I need your help let's heal this world
There's so many things we need to change
C'mon if you' coming with me

[Verse 2]
God bless the children
Whose dreams reach the top of the ceiling
While n***as is killing outside they' tellin me build us [?]
And God bless the ladies
Who' make the babies
Tryinna make love but can't make enough nah
And God bless the brothers
Who spend like 20 years here then they hover above us
And God bless the rest who rest in peace
Death called 'em out they had to challenge the beef
No peace, God bless to the east and the west
We already laid to rest, two of the best
And I could play that white dude with a "S"
Instead I play that black dude by any means with a "X"
And y'all youngsters don't really gotta be so bold
There's no hope for a sheep in wolf clothes
Take my advice n***as save your souls
I'm twenty something years old and I'm breaking them all
And I don't do it for show
I do it to show you
I love you that much and I don't even know you
I love you that much and I don't even know you
I love you that much 'til the END
(Over sample)
I'm saying the world keep turning around
And while we' here we gotta change as much as we can
All of that hate shit, dead it
'Cause we' so close to the END

Exile, forget all that bullshit man you' my muhfukin heart
Yeah, Let's stick together we' gon' make it to the END hommie
Everybody else, you can come along with us
Or you can forget us