Know My Name
[Intro: Tech N9ne]
They don't want me to blow up on arrival
Cause I'll change the whole game
People worshipin' my music like the Bible
Now the game has gone strange
Now the masses see the Nina as an idol
Angel heart with an evil brain
They not knowin' I'm bout to come and take the title
And they wackness is to blame

[Verse 1: Relentless One]
I conquered every obstacle
Ya'll said it wasn't possible
All you hataz gotta go
I'm spittin' flows remarkable
Keep a 12 gauge to protect myself
To affect yo health
Better check yo self
I'm from the bay and I rep it well
The real will rise The rest will fail
So I'll prevail stack my mail
I'm so cold I make it hail
Can't be stopped I'm like a spell
Born wit a curse but I'm blessed as well
Givin' Acute Astigmatisms when I pull the heat
Exposin' all this wisdom given livin' in these streets
Keep holdin' on still livin' sinnin'
I practice what I preach
I Know I'm wrong I'm wicked like I'm addicted to the beef
Some say I'm just insane But they don't feel my pain
Relentless One be the aftermath of the one you knew as Flame
Spittin' that shit that'll hit they brain
And dismiss they pain like novocain
Visions insist that I'll get the fame
And the world will finally know my name
Control the game got a focused brain
Recognize a mercenary Cursed and scary
Worse than deadly til I'm 6 feet deep in the earth and buried
The messenger the visionary the motha-fuckin' chosen one
That shadow in the night wit a loaded gun
Snortin' coke til my nose is numb
Goin' dumb spittin' hard
Flippin' bars Livin' large
Drunk and high up in the car
The forty-five will leave em' scarred
[Hook: Relentless One]
You - Will- know- My name now
We - Con-trol- This game now
I - Know- Why Some hate us
Can' t- De-ny- We came up
(Repeat Hook)

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
When I A-rr-i-v-e
You can see the fear come up in they eyes
When I'm bout to rise ain't no surprise
Meet your de-m-i-s-e
Take a look at what's happenin' the earth's ours
That hurts stars cause me what I mean
You've got to work hard
They don't want that That Tech shit they don't want that
But I See they ladies flaunt that
Wanna n***a to give em' a good hunch back
Penetrate their space like thumb tack
They let this one crack
N***a ev-ery-thing that I've brung back
And I've done stacked Come from Rap
Beat it swallow this n***a eat it
Cuz my shit is repeated your catalog is deleted
Pockets are on depleted Abrogative I'm Elite-
It's the thing the game really need-ed
A soldier that's undefeated
Me and Relentless know it's all about survival
Kick the industry in they ass like some taebo
The way we killin' em' is somewhat homicidal
Tech N9ne murderin' these n***as on arri-val
[Hook: Relentless One]
You - Will- know- My name now
We - Con-trol- This game now
I - Know- Why Some hate us
Can't - De-ny- We came up
(Repeat Hook)

[Verse 3: Kar-Ma]
Bitch you'll never see us
Hataz they wanna be us
Just like Tecca Nina the motto be Ebah
I'm in this to win this
I'm striking like lightning
Bout to explode up on these hoes
And show em' something frightening
I know that they don't like me
They'll never do it like me
But it seems unlikely they pussy ass will fight me
I'm commin' up in this game bitch
Bringin' the world that bay shit
Tell me where the fuck you hate bitch
When you see me you never say shit
Stay with A straight up hustla' mentality
I got my fans proud of me the dream became reality
And now I see Hataz really ain't bout the beef
I only be rollin' wit the real bitches that be down wit me
Star in these streets Too hard for the weak
And never will they match a bitch regardless of what they think
That's on the real I'm the real
And I'mma let it show here's another episode
And now you know who's next to blow
[Hook: Relentless One]
You - Will- know- My name now
We - Con-trol- This game now
I - Know- Why Some hate us
Can't - De-ny- We came up
(Repeat Hook)