(I put yo shawty on a song)
(I put yo shawty on a song)
Put yo shawty on a song
Yea she wanna get along
Spin da block ayo lets go
You ain't bout it prove me wrong
Yea i doubt it you a bum
Knife blade longer than a thong
Ain't nobody put me on
I had to do this on my own
Flip cards so i can cop da phone
Finessin forever alone
Juggin thru da trap no hope
I peep a opp right thru my scope
I want a watch yea dat 2 tone
Im tryna cop yea dat v lone
Aye boy you boring leave me lone
Ima run up in yo home and place you down just like a cone
I be really in da zone flexing like a weightlift show
Got bricks just like im bob the builder
Flexing like a bodybuilder
I pulled up robbin da trap i had that hater boy bewildered
Its just me myself and i you try to touch me you gon die
They be really tryna try im in da kitchen whippin pie
If you ain't got it boy dont lie im in da kitchen with them fries
We be deep up in da trap it look just like a beehive
Remember last time you tried to test just be lucky you alive
And i got da pounds but im not a big guy
Sneakboy dont like to play around he like when people try
Finessin till i rack bandz
Im finessin yea bandz
Finessin till i rack some bandz
Till i rack bandz