East Flatbush Project
The Cypher
L-D aka whatever
Sometimes you just gotta let the flow speak for itself

See back in high school I ain't even know I could rap
So the hits late, but nobody throwin' the flag
Goin' fifth grade wit' it, Dicky opening snacks
Because the kid made different like a joke in Iraq
Now check it, never thought I wanna pass the bar
But I gotta get a fancy car
So I got up on the beat, beat on it like Evander's sparr—
In' partner, smarter art when I master bars
These weak bitches gotta leave, Dicky dissin' 'em all
To listen to y'all is sorta like a flick in the balls, for real though
'Cause they don't spit it real as D do
The kid come first, like his dick a prequel
So look, if you really wanna get it, forget it
Genetically better than every pathetic competitor
Nettin' cheddar, get in bed, I'll get you wetter than Redick
I bet I bend her, get her beggin', et cetera, breath
Now ya man on Reddit, 'cause I'm rappin' the flames
I'm hands on, Wayne Chrebet, when I'm mackin the dames though
The lame bros, better learn to make a single
Or ya mayn bout to have these rappers playin some bingoooo
Yeah, so whatchu talkin' 'bout
If this really stupid tell me what the fuck is walk it out
If Lil Dicky ruin rap, they poopin on its coffin now
So if you heard of a jewish rapper you know who they talkin' 'bout
Ion't think I need a grammy bro
I got two, and they fairly old
The family, demanding, ya man be
A little wary tho
They know dude got a scary flow, just like you do
Ha, except they mean it different
Prefer ma chicken white das for chicken and da women
Confessing that I'm hittin only cause I'm nice at spittin'
But I'm used to getting used, you dudes Aaliyah's kitchen
Hold up, the kid so dumb
The drink po' up, he can't grow up
Ya man gotta thang for do-nuts
The flow nuts, 'bout to make a jam, I go Russ
From Okla -- getting more bread than cold cuts, whaddup bruh?
That's why these hoes wanna get it
They been fuckin wit the kid: Joe Paterno assistant
I'm stern with the women, I'm a nerd but I'm hittin'
On these curves like it's Griffey in the third wit' these pitches
A'ight, the kid's a'ight, legit polite
I wife, nice jews, pipe smoove, cider wit' ice cubes
The white dude's known to be recording it right, you
Jabronies write a stupid chorus lighter than Ice Cube's
Commercials, y'all worse than them
But these lucky bitches, they ain't gotta work again
All these chickens in the crib's like a birthed a hen
So I be over-cumming definition circumvent, ya dig?
Cold spittin, admit it, I'm rippin shit up, like a ticket stub
And givin a clinic, these bitches isn't sick enough to get up in it tho
You should probly quit it bro
Dude's spittin ridiculous wit it, particularly when he
Be switchin the flowwwww up
Das cash and all
More black in me than basketball
Next line, LD's talkin vaginal
The kid been hittin more walls than a raquet balllll, yeaah!
So prepare for my libido
It's really fuckin scary, Action Bronson in a speedo
It's really fuckin scary magic Johnson near mosquitos
But I'm nearly fuckin there, these bitches bout to feed me Cheetos
Cause Ion't really like the mess
Pretty clear right here that the kike the best (that's my n word so chill)
Never scared, nor embarrassed, ask ma ex
I gotta bone like a freak, Kevin Ware the sex...whoa
Y'all heard about the kid wit the jew flow
And Jew fro, getting mo sugar than glucose
The dude so cold you'd've swore he from Pluto
Ma head so big, it's like I'm juicing wit Pujols
But look if you thinkin' that this Jew so nice
Then you so right, you rappers lookin' Bruno's type
The dude's so bright, I'm rapping like a sumo fight
The knee slappin' unexpected, word to Juno's tike, I'm out