Crocket and Tubs
[Verse 1 — Geechie Suede]
Let's pour it on the ponytails of Pocahontas
Playing poker, strippin' large on us, black iguanas
Pool sharks feeding fetty to pretty piranhas
Valentinos hold my circle with the looting llamas
Curano Milano flaco (?) diablo
Staccato with lotto, teflon and crack, and taco
Arrogant Armani on the genie's body
Jet skiing on the kilo with that n***a Chico
Florescent lights, cocaine appetites
Two-steppin' with a deadly weapon in the leopard tights
Crockett and Tubbs, lit Michael Jackson gloves
Prince parade backstage blowing pounds of purple doves
Gold dice and hazy nights
We livin' in an ocean bright
Open ceilings, we wonder wheelin', colorful feelings
(?) poppin' off to New Zealand

[Hook — Yahzarah]
We are livin' for the night life
Runnin' full speed ahead right for the city lights
Watch us control the crowd
As we tame all the animals, tame all the animals

[Verse 2 — Sonny Cheeba]
James Crockett, Ricardo Tubbs, you can't lock 'em
The smugglers, sick and tired of sky rockin'
Erotic drugs and Caligula
Damn, don't look so good on her, in particular
Pyrotechnic power boost is a thriller
45 caliber painkillers
We just spy fies (?) and dash the antidote
Flying sauce (?) they frame off (?) side to side the boat to Bonanza
Or maybe the windows of Lufthansa, float
See a few fly guys, see if you fly again
Oh yes you boss thing for Nassau
Now you ain't casting for Casper, it's paranormal runnin'
Crockett's and Tubbs' cunning
Enjoy the ride, buckle in, hang on
We're circlin' the synagogue
Cinema, circus full of singing' frogs, pin 'em up
The son of Costa