The Symphony
[Intro: Marley Marl]
I don't care who's first and who last
But I know that y'all just better
Rock this at the drop of a dime baby
I don't know what y'all gon' do with this, but it got to be funky
It got to be funky if you're gonna be on it
I don't care who start
I don't care what y'all do
But you got to be finished
Before the music is through
Now who's first up to bat?

[Verse 1: Trials]
Listen closely so your attention's undivided
Many in the past have tried to do what Trials did
But I get the last laugh, hassling bar staff
Passed out in car parks, looting cars parked
Staff half-mast in a crowd of sluts
And if they wasn't when I met 'em, when I left 'em then they was
What I'm fucking bout? This lane stuck it out
American History X style gutter mouth
My fam done about years of run around
Half already here, half when the shit's coming around
Half white, half Vader, stomp on the kicks
Hit the pavement bigger than Ving Rhames is
Invading your safe haven, craving Wes Craven type behaviour
Still saying that..
[Chorus: Funkoars and Vents] + (Hons)
Next up? (Well I believe that's me)

[Verse 2: Hons]
This jam is dedicated to those who want more out of
This rap scene, then go out and buy an 'Oars album
Hons one original Kidney Shifter
Turn into a pissed man, it just depends which liquor
Switch and chats a bit quicker but never the Vick bitter
Freestyle spit to injure, now your crew's out the picture
And we back on top now, Obese got it locked down
I take 'em to school, but half these cats already dropped out
We still standing on tour, we run rampart
Pump this street anthem till your deck can't stand it
I stay landed, scam the government for honest work
Centrelink king who flips text like an office clerk
For what it's worth, your crew ain't shit to me
Pass the mic down the line of the symphony

[Chorus: Funkoars and Vents] + (Sesta)
Next up? (Yeah, well I believe that's me)

[Verse 3: Sesta]
It's like: Flashy gives the slice, I get nice
A motherfucker that's creeping the streets at around night
I keep out of the light, but wanting to run it
You see nobody want it, and even the cynics say they fucking love it
Plaque status, bronze budget
And treat women like Blackjack, twenty-one and up, they bust it
Fuck it, I hit it on the one-six if they want dick
But you cut your loss if the pop flips
Shit, I bring that creep show to Peepshow's
And she go to deep throat, eat it like a T-Bone
The knees-bleed section is in effect
So get your bus fare, underwear and get the fuck "out of here"
Huh, all of that and she ain't even in to me
I'm signing off, it's Ses' for the symphony so..
[Chorus: Funkoars] + (Vents)
Next up? (Yeah, I believe that's me)

[Verse 4: Vents]
Alright, it's like setting it off, letting it off, beginning
Fuck it, tryna ban my shit like John Lennon
Back, Men in Black, the Great White Shark
Got a green card passport, face like a retard
You been barred by the Vents One
That mean none, nill, will match dimensions
I'm large, think about who's in charge
Two nerds on the same record talking hard? Nah
Yeah, you fucking feel the wrath of the king
Challengers get a loss with a left-right swing
Word 'em up, they like wait, Vents chill
Nah serve 'em up, kill the murdered fuck
Crush, build, dust 'em off
Once they're off, reign supreme, Peepshow the team

[Chorus: Funkoars and Vents]
Next up? "I believe that's me"

[Verse 5: DJ Reflux]
Setting it off, set-setting it, setting it
Setting it off for the symphony
Setting it off, letting it off, beginning
I don't know what y'all gon' do with this, but it got to be funky
It got to be funky if you're gonna be on it
Rock this, for the symphony
Let it rock-rock-rock-rock, rock-rock this
For the symphony