2016 Golden Era Records Cypher
[Scratches: Adfu & DJ Debris]
"I'm a dope one, ready to rip and wreck shop"
"But I claim the whole planet 'cause it's mine god dammit"
"I'm a bad man, understand where I come from
—under—understand where I come from"
"When I drop it, I'm futuristic like fiber optics"
"You can't get with this or take me down"
"But I claim the whole planet 'cause it's mine god dammit"
"I'm always laughin' HA HA 'cause you punks are clowns"

[Verse 1: Vents]
What's the town I'm from? Shit bang like a Māori drum
Fuck around, get hanged like Mao Zedong
Red pill up in my mouth Mr Anderson
Heavy bag till my hands are numb, champion of the
Absurd, sublime, get the cunt wet
One time, get the nut then unwind
Undead, fuck dying, automatic weapon
In my head, reload the gun, keep firing
Persistence, scream at the Earth for assistance
Answer back with cold indifference
Witness the Earth from a distance, hostile
Landscape that I translate for the listeners
Progress, mankind must carry on
Cameras on, last tribe in the Amazon
Keep peace with an atom bomb
Man from the renaissance in the modern-day Babylon
[Verse 2: Hons]
Now I'ma blow up the spot, tear down and rebuild
Like a Las Vegas skyscraper, totally annihilate 'em
Man, I got plenty time to calculate the odds
So your best bet now is taking overs when I set the line
I'm just trying to make ends meet like speed dating
And prolong my time on this Earth until I meet Satan
Man, I spit legit as Jim Jefferies
Hotter than a shuttle burning up on re-entry
It's sad that they can't make a splash on their own
Half these dickheads piss poor like their prostate blown
When I step into the booth opponents learn their fate
I make 'em all run for home like they stole third base
I'm out of shape, still peddle like a ten-speed
Uphill battle every week so I can then eat
Hot lines coming straight out the microwave
And flow through your speaker, make your car wanna hydroplane

[Verse 3: K21]
Another goon in the snow, my product, move it and go
Well my name, you should have known, turn your saloon into stone
With my crew in the zone, they know it ain't dumb to assume
You put ten of us in a room, and we're sendin' suckers to doom
Still I'm digging in trenches searching for rations
Addin' fuel to the fire while they burn up all of their matches
Claim they're moving forward, no luck, the way they're walkin' is backwards
Told me they were floating, I stuck a fork in their mattress
While I finger fuck the entire game with my thumb
And use my middle one for those who don't give it up to my city does
I'm here to cut you open with flows till we're overdosing
And drowned [?] till I'm found afloat in the ocean, it's over
Words for burning down the gallows bumpin' dread shit
Body 'em till they're carried out, that's what I call a deadlift
Spewin' all on your setlists, Lucifer on the Technics
Pen it to the sky until heaven cry from the sentence
[Verse 4: Sesta]
I got a fuckin' headache, fuck a medic, I'ma let it ride
But then change up my environment into a different settin' that I need
Don't tell me that you're doing it for the culture
When I'm seeing a different face and the same vulture
Throw 'em to the mulcher, feed 'em to my lawn then
Water it, that's how you make children of the corn
'Cause they corny and boring, I tried to ignore 'em
But when they step in my forum, they gettin' ripped up and pissed on
These rappers try to be nice and raise issues
I just cuss, bust nuts with no tissues
You seem to blend into the shit that makes me cringe, you
Make the same music as him, him and him do
They all act tough until they bump into
Then say they don’t want no beef, but not Hindu
(Whoo!) Get your grips off my dumplings
Twenty-sixteen, G.E., we still run things

[Scratches: Adfu & DJ Debris]
"I'm a dope one, ready to rip and wreck shop"
"But I claim the whole planet 'cause it's mine god dammit"
"I'm a bad man, understand where I come from
—under—understand where I come from"
"When I drop it, I'm futuristic like fiber optics"
"You can't get with this or take me down"
"But I claim the whole planet 'cause it's mine god dammit"
"I'm always laughin' HA HA 'cause you punks are clowns"
[Verse 5: Purpose]
So who could I be? It's the newest signee
To the superfly team known as Golden Era
Whole crew beside me, been the truth since nineteen
You boys? All you did was push it like Salt-N-Pepa
Shine so much like gold fronts, cold blooded, I glowed up
Ya'll saw P and just froze up, like hold up
The next rap talent, plus the vets back at it
Turn the best cats at it into webcam rappers, peep
This was in the stars before I got here
Grindin', hoppin' in and out of cars like it was Top Gear
Wilin', that's for any rapper tryna test me
Try him, you lost like Khaled on a jet ski
The curse was lifted, Purpose did it
So inspired I could write a verse a minute
Go off, so they don't forget the name
A number eighty-three hat and a Golden Era chain, BANG

[Verse 6: Briggs]
Yo, Yo, fuck that, handle bars like a moustache
Truth hurts, yeah I call that the fun facts
Fam in the whip, cousins that stay with him
When we backin' over you that's reverse racism
Come through, got white dudes with dreadlocks in headlocks
Who swear they got shit locked from Springfield to Bedrock
Still rock a Redsox smile as you’re sent off
Throw away verse, pssh, sounds like your best of
Call my shit black so I clear out the rednecks
And academics clap like I just dropped the TEDx
Guaranteed delivery, call that the FedEx
You call out my name then you call the medics
You need to watch what you say, Your mate
You're gettin' punched in your face, All day
I got 'em reelin', sub-tweetin' over hurt feelings
What they'll do when they see him, here's my fuckin' tour dates

[Verse 7: Trials]
Now everybody 'bout to fuckin' know it like a vegan
Golden Era got a rep right off the bat like I'm Negan
We the reason why they only ever scream it's their season
When the squad ain't lookin', I'm sick of this spirit cookin'
Got my lyric book inside a Steven King sized spiderweb
Bitchin' while they're snitchin' 'round the clock, I reckon time will tell
Arrive in Hell to streamers, fully loaded Beamers
My face on the bonnet, five cobras playin' femurs
Jesus, gruff as billy goats emphysema's
Jealousy'll make a snake like Hideo Kojima's
Who the fuck is nicer than my team is? Um...
Not many, if any, mate, heavyweight centigrade
Stompers, any place, any day bomb shit
Feet so big that I can drop kick your mosh pit
Locked in, crusin' through that Death Star trench
To leave this weight on your chest that the best can't bench, son

[Verse 8: Suffa]
We're holdin' onto what's golden like Jurassic
Now our names are on their lips like a ChapStick
Havoc, as if I'm Cousins handling traffic
Trippin' from a spoon like sugar over absinthe
It's dope, classic, you're soundin' like a show tune
We're so massive, astounding with the Snowgoons
So don't panic that we might falter
We're coke, acid, we leave your mind altered
Now go back, it's 2009
When we broke ranks, put it on the line
Changed the landscape, shifted the paradigm
Vents, K, Trigga Trials, Hammertime
A friend of me said to me, "keep enemies close"
But I'd rather get an enema than befriend any enemies
So I don't hear a fuckin' sound they say
They're skywriting on a cloudy day, out my way

[Verse 9: Pressure]
This ain't your standard, every episode manic with a megaphone
Candid when I plan to bring the panic to the Terrordome
Think rap is damagin' my temporal lobe
Been having animal reactions like attraction to a pheromone
See flashes of being captured alive
But rhyme scavengers so ravenous they cannibalise
Hazardous vice, my type can't be categorised
They're sanitised by the standards of life like women, song and wine
Why every time I felt like I'm dyin'
Like my sentence didn't fit what was dealt for the crime
It's the devil's design, but your mind melt from the shine
I wrap around three stars like the belt of Orion
Hilltop, a figure for the kids that wanna hit the scene
If you're listening to fill in a soliloquy of bitter dreams
Spit a killer sixteen, the synergy, the illest team
A head above the rest, Debris drop the guillotine