This Is How (Trials Remix)
[Intro: Sample]
Well, this particular break is called the amen
The amen break, here's what it sounds like

[Hook: Samples]
"Funkoars [?]"
"This how hip hop is supposed to sound"
"Funkoars [?]"
"This how hip hop is supposed to sound"
"Funkoars [?]"
"This how hip hop's supposed to sound"
"Funkoars [?]"
"This how hip hop is-" "This how hip hop is-"

[Verse 1: Trials]
What you wanna say? I probably did
And, if I didn't say it already, it's probably shit
See I'm sick of rappers saying they're fresher than whatever
When my shit fresher than Fran Dresher in maid dress up
I'm nice from the neck up, but neck down
Skin colour keg brown and my stomach gat round
The trap packed out like Sandra Sully's rack out
When they heard Peepshow bought the gimps back out
Two stank for the sweet smell of success
If you see me in the street, one fucking shoe on
Don't mean I lost one, mean I got a new one
Using a coupon, don't you know
I'm still broke but they know why I'm like "leave me alone"
I'ma self-sabotaging expert marksmen
Son of a gun shooting my mouth off to seargents
[Verse 2: Hons]
-since two thou' when I burst on the scene like an appendix
Still drinking like an Irishman on St Patty reckless
K Federline pennyless
Might be seeing Seth Green or the Sherminators taking on apprentices
You know, the set redder than a break light
Certified Funkoar, so every verse I lace tighter
Than a plus-sized mole in snug-fit jeans
Ain't shit gonna change till I conquer the scene
'Cause I got plans for world domination like the Mongrels
Hons crowned the king of the concrete jungle
We smash it, hit up the hit like Babe Ruth
Still broke in seven years so I guess I paid my dues
Still running with that same crew, Funkoars
You may have heard of us if you like that rap shit from A.U
S.T. underground, let 'em know now
"This how hip hop is-" "This how hip hop is-"

[Hook: Samples]
"Funkoars [?]"
"This how hip hop is supposed to sound"
"Funkoars [?]"
"This how hip hop is supposed to sound"
"Funkoars [?]"
"This how hip hop's supposed to sound"
"Funkoars [?]"
"This how hip hop is-" "This how hip hop is-"
[Verse 3: Sesta]
Twenty five summers into this motherfucker
Still staggering stuck-ups, still labelled a fuck-up
Ill-rated and such, who rates greater than us? (oh no)
No one's rated greater than us (ha ha)
You can line up for a date with the nut
But be nice and speak nice and lye safe for the nuts
Serenate but no getting engaged with the nuts
Play your cards right and you might take 'em straight to the guts
"Sesta turn down your lyrics
My kids feel it's a little to explicit for them to listen"
Listen. I'm a God-fearing Christian
I'm even giving prays when I'm pissing "Jesus Christ!"
It burns, 'cause I drink and I scream and I curse
Like I'm cursed with a birth defect
And infects me like I'm injected directly
To the vein with scotch, then I'd be a Pepsi

[Verse 4: K21]
Yeah, I'm a young MC but I don't bust a move
Like she did will be the one who's going to cop the grove
And you know [?] going to run shit too
While my man Cancel's going to tear it up with Fu
So, when it comes to battle, it's war, and when the actors are taught
Jump on the last train back to the lab
And only few are matchin' the wit
These other cats ain't legit like [?] blackmail cash
That there's more [?] covering tracks
The blues brother of rap, it's too gutter for that
And I'll be broker than the 'Oars after payday hits
So I'm like "Where's Taylor Swift? I'ma take her shit"
The Greensies'll bring terror from the era of flames
This is how I bring it down and that never will change
Some clever, but ain't done better than K-T
Some peddle the brakes from the heaviest weight, and I'm out