Greg Street
Hard Way
How y'all doing out there?
I'd like to welcome ya'll, to the Hard Way musical
You going to meet a lot of characters in this play
But me, I'm the main actor

[Verse 1]
My flow so out the park, I'm like the Bonds and Barry hit
I'm trying to go diamond, not the kind you call canary kid
Cause in the streets, I done seen some scary shit
Anything over money and pussy will get you buried quick
My first canon was a .22, I thought that I should carry it, but I married it, something like Mariah Carey did
And my flow is very sick, but I've been underground so long
I made my main bitch change her name to Harriet
Y'all are laughing, but I don't think the things hilarious
I'm such a prince I flew the Dana Danes on the chariot
Cause I'm still a damn thug, real n***as stand up
My worst fear is God, my second one is getting jammed up
Got the plug on the green beans and the yams, what
Me and Mike buying money counters out the Sam's Club
I'm going H.A.M bruh, riding with a dancer
Straight outta strokers, stay in some head like dandruff
My partner got the Hero, and he got the Sandra
That's the boy and the girl for n***as who don't understand us
I'm in the trap, .44 on the floor
Got so many zips, I should win an Os on the war
Ha, man I'm cold on a whore
Got a shooting guard mind state, I know I'mma score
Without the Grey Goose, I still make her say "Ooh"
Cause your n***a Prynce swing wood like he Babe Ruth
I'm so high, cause I smoke that K-U-
-S-H, one more blunt, I'mma need a space suit
I'm in a beige coupe, suede roof, blaze fruit, skate through
Hate who? Not me but they do
Your gay crew better duck when I let them [?] loose
Y'all n***as softer than a n***a tryna play flute
I try to stay mute, but n***as keep trying me
I can't help it if they baby momma eyeing me
But that inspires me to write inside my diary the dopest shit ever heard, so when they retire me
There will never ever be a question or inquiry
Who's the best rapper? If I'm not then you're a liar, see
I am so nice, purp for a low price
N***a I'm the Prynce, it's nothing to get your hoe sliced
Now she up under my arm, I call her Old Spice
Patron with no ice, that's what my flow's like
N***as call me Casper, cause all I do is ghost write
So call my n***a Tech, if you tryna get your flow tight
I am no hype, something like the old Mike
Knocked a n***a out first round, fuck the whole fight
Fall off in the club, with a quarter full of stink
Seen a bad bitch, then I order her a drink
N***as ask me for my phone number, cause they want the zone numbers
But they phones tapped, like the water from the sink
Fuck around and catch me and your daughter in a Linc-
-oln navigator, I might decapitate her
Cause her brain so good, I might have to graduate her
But you turn her to your wife, I don't even have to date her
I ain't talking 'bout a suit when I say I pack a blazer
Mister clap a hater, parking lot evacuator
Plot on the calculator, clientele evaporator
Your partner try something [?] your life, masturbator
Ask Decatur, this trap I did, took me a half an hour just to unwrap the mid
Shit, fast cash don't blast back, bong but I still got that bomb in my Baghdad
Call me the number one middle man
I can get it hard, soft, purp, or the skittles man
N***as turn brittle from the riddles that I scribble fam
I don't even dribble rock, but I got them nickel grams
Huh, of that Arizona Midway
Get it in the morning and it's gone before mid day
I've almost lost my life off of Rainbow Drive
I made a promise to myself that I ain't gon' die
Before I drop an album, so I ain't gon' ride
I let them n***as have that, I let them lamos slide
Cause Karma in the street is like Osama in the sheets
Keep a llama in the seat or you a goner in a week
Throw bullets like Palmer with the heat
Turn your neighborhood to Hotel Rwanda I'm a beast
Any artist in my genre I'mma eat, cause I'm so charismatic like Obama when he speaks