Greg Street
Tired Of Being Broke
Na Na Na Na

Because shorty when you're poor people take you for a joke
Put your hands in the air if you're tired of being broke and say

Na Na Na Na
And say
Na Na Na Na

Man I'm so frustrated
I don't want to see a ho
And you can't blame me
If I'm selling weed and dope because

[Hook ]
My pockets on low, sorry for putting food on the stove
So I'm on the floor
I'm tired of being broke, tired of being broke
Tired of being broke, tired of being broke
Doing time in the hole
All because of what you stole
You had to tow them 44's

Cause you was
Tired of being broke, tired of being poor
Tired of being poor, tired of being broke
[Verse 1: Cyhi]

Shorty when you broke you don't wanna do shit
You don't want to hit the mall
You can't buy them new kicks
Fuck going to the clubs
You can't hit a new bitch
Make you want to rob a n***a, go on sell a few bricks
Now your girl is acting funny because of all the lack of money
Cuss you out on a tuesday, call you back on a sunday
Cash rules when we flash fools
Rob a fast food for three double cheeseburgers
Hoping you won't be murdered
Empty out the register
Don't make no fast move because a n***as pockets empty
And I'm in a bad mood
Snatch the bag from the manager
Then we hit the door
Another armed robbery cause a n***a broke


[Verse 2: Cyhi]

Man a n***a stressin
I'm stuck in this depression
Can't control my aggression
N***as talking about recession
Got me cryin' with the effort
5.7 or the Chrome .38
I'm glad I made it to this session
Hey I gotta a little question
What happened to my business
I'm stranded on this vacant road looking for direction
Used to get a couple oz for 9 now they want 11
The only person doing good in my hood is the reverend
Cause people losing property, honestly it's poverty
N***as getting caught with bodies and keys
And turn around and cop a plea
I'm finna start saying like
Wayne on tha carter 3
I do this for the small times who ain't never thought of me
I teach you how this was taught to me
Patience is the hardest piece
You can't get a job even if you have a top degree
But you keep them bills juggling
I had to make a song for my people's out there struggling