Gangsta Pat
I Need Your Money
[* Mumbling *]

[Verse 1]
Now I been comin' in this club a long time watchin' you
Seein' they steady treatin' approachin' and they jockin' you
Got em' hypnotized with them hips and them thighs
Ya tattoos bumpin' with dollar signs in ya eyes
See ya all about that money and that turns me on about you
Whoever had you last I know they sick as hell without you
We barely speak and I don't even think you notice me
But cho' appearance got me wantin' to freak you like Jodeci
I wanna get to know you but chu' never look my way out
Too busy hustlin' breakin' them tricks and makin' pay out
So I stay out cho' way, hopin' in time I can meet chu'
Now bluntly speakin' before we touch eyes I'm gon' greet chu'
Tell you my name and what this game is all about
Hopin' we can hook up and get to gain up out this clout
Ya body's super stout and it's drivin' me crazy
I hope you play Captain Save-A-Pimp and come save me in this game baby

[Chorus x2]
If ya ever wanna break yourself
I forever wanna be the only pimp in your life
I need ya money, oh baby, I need ya money

[Verse 2]
After work I see you leavin' all alone in your Hyundai
My mind be dazin' and I be thinkin' maybe one day
I can become that mack that's in control of your destiny
Big money we foldin' while I'm holdin' you next to me
Speak off in ya ear and spit this knowledge that I got for you
Ya see I can tell that it don't really take a lot for you
To break one of these tricks and get paid in twenty seconds
I'm sure in the past you been appraoched by plenty macks
I just wanna be the one that chu' listen and pay attention to
My head be itchin' every time somebody mentions you
When you around I'm often puzzled by yo presence
When at the same time I feel amazed by your essence
I wish I had you at my side as my bod
And any items we need between us both I'm sure we got em'
I really wanna show you how much better it would be
If you would surrender ya mind and give ya soul to me
In this game baby
[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
I'm tryin' to be patient but see it's hard for me to wait
I'm not tryin' to rush you I just wish you'd cooperate
Come in my life and be the queen of my kingdom
Ya got any extra pairs ninas then you can bring em'
I'm peepin' this game, I must admit sometimes it's lonely
When I'm in the need for comfort I think of you only
Ya hustlin' is tight, clockin' so much cheese at night
Al you missin' is a pimp that's gon' please and treat you right
And keep it on that level of pimpin' that's understood
No matter the situation I'm sure it's all good
How can I make you understand that I need you so
There's so many beautiful places that we need to go
I wish I had you with me but in time you will find
These n***as are only out to play tricks with ya mind
I can be ya soul if you let me in control
Have respect for my pimpin' and that's the way it need to roll
In this game baby

[Hook x2]