Gangsta Pat
I Let’em Know
Ya see, where I'm from, it's mainly all about...
Pimpin' and hoin' Thug Passion rock

[Thug Passion]
I let's em' know when I hit the door
I ain't funny bout my money, what they hittin' for
Young buck stop smilin' ain't nothin' funny bro
Ya best drop off that cash or get that ass choked
Cause this here, be some real Dirty South shit
Young chick quick to pump his little wig quick
Known to infiltrate and get him for his cash quick
And leave him asshole naked with his dick hard, can't fuck shit
That buck shit I be doin' got these n***as pursuin'
But they can't understand this pimp shit that madam be doin'
Like puttin' these streaks on the house like lil' dirty hoes
Make him shake his ass for cash and come up outta his clothes
Oh, don't act surprised like the heat here you wrote
Cause you know those hoes, those hoes, cause you a dirty ho
So pay what chu' weigh and drop it off n***a
They don't cop and mouth for nothin' so shit how you figure
I let em' know

[Hook x2: Gangsta Pat & (Thug Pasion)]
I let em' know before they hit the door
Ain't nothin' funny cause I'm all about my money ho, and that's for sho'
(I let em' know before they hit this shit)
(Don't play no games cause I'm all about that money trick)
(It ain't no thang)
[Gangsta Pat]
You bitches gotta drop it off, that's for reala
Strictly pimpin' and ya slappin' me all about the scrilla
Now how the fuck you figure
I'm the n***a hit the club, shake that ass
Break a trick, make that cash
Bring it home and give it all to daddy
The next morning hit the sharp Vogues on the Caddy
Rock a big bullet diamond, that's how it goes black
Make a livin' strictly pimpin' on these hoes black

[Thug Passion]
You n***as need to drop it off ya ass
Ain't no need in gettin' mad, just give up the cash
You came around ba-ballin' and flossin' cause yo pockets thick
Then got mad cause a bitch done ganked you outta yo shit
Don't get mad at me, playa hate the game
I'm just makin' ends meet and declinin' my name
So back up, n***as can't keep uo cause you is lame
And when you swing my way keep it real, don't play no motherfuckin' game

[Hook x2]

[Gangsta Pat]
I like to collect my ends then hit the Benz
And after I'm finished I let my n***as come and get in
That's when I know for sho' that you's a ho
You been through them n***as, comin' and goin' hit the back door
I'm a mack ho and I'm all about the cheddar
Quick to break a bitch and I'm gon' be in the game forever
And never will I ever let a ho break me
As fine as Lil' Kim is, she couldn't cake me
She could only take me to the mall and get me fresh
Put diamonds in my mouth, on my ears, and on my chest
I can't rest, I stay at a ho 24-7
I keep it P.I. that's what my pimp friends yellin'
Ain't no tellin' bout these bitches, goin' off in this game
They change but these die hard n***as gon' stay the same
And remain on top of thangs and train those who lame
Shit I keep it real in this motherfuckin' game
[Hook x2]

[Gangsta Pat ad-libs]