Gangsta Pat
Smoke Somethin’
Hurry up and get the sack
And get them Optimos
Now get the cigarette lighter
So I can roll another one up

Smoke somethin' (Smoke somethin')
Smoke somethin' (Smoke somethin')
Smoke somethin' (Smoke somethin')
Smoke somethin' (Smoke somethin')
Light it up (Light it up)
Light it up (Light it up)
Fire it up (Fire it up)
Fire it up (Fire it up)

[Verse 1]
I'm in the club hangin' with my thugs
We in the back blowin' bud cause it's all love
We got the sack full of green Optimos lit
I'm sprung out on that hydro and I need to quit
We got these rookies standin' lookin' cause they wanna smoke
But they can tell we smokin' pure by the way we choke
They comin' closer and I know they wanna hit the weed
But see I hate to disappoint em' cause ain't nothin' free
You bitches always comin' tryin' to smoke a brother out
But see I kind of want em' to cause they all stout
One came over and she asked me could she hit the blunt
I told her "Listen lil' mama, I ain't tryin' to front"
But if you wanna smoke with me ya gotta shake somethin'
Ya might as well while you in there tryin' to make somethin'
She turned around and put it on me, almost broke somethin'
When she finished she got up and told me if I want some mo' I gotta

[Verse 2]
Now I was ridin' down the city streets
Blowin' clouds in the wind from the Swisher Sweets
I'm gettin' hungry from the munchies, now it's time to eat
Look in my rear-view, ah shit it's the police
They pulled me over for no reason, man what's up with this
I'm thinkin' to myself they might be with that funny shit
Bright lights in my face, tell me what's the case
They said "You drivin' mighty fast like you in a race"
I said "I'm sorry please understand I'm tired here"
He said "Yeah but you smellin' like that hydro"
"Now turn around spread yo legs, hands on the hood"
He was in my pockets, really, man he searched me good
He couldn't find, he got mad and took his hand cuffs
And put em' on me real tight and said "I had enough"
"You better show me where it is or I'ma start up'"
"I don't wanna lock you up, all I wanna do is get and take a break uh"


[Verse 3]
I'm at the crib with my cousin Jay
We in the back room, hidin' out smokin' hay
Bustin' freestyles, bumpin' off of every beat
Eyes red almost swole, I can barely see
We rolled up about four and blew back to back
After that it was time for another sack
While we sittin' on the couch and was talkin'
Before I knew it man my daddy just walked in
I thought for sure I was in trouble so I started tryin'
To talk my way out, he just looked at me like I was lyin'
He told me "Son save the games for yo classmates"
I started sweatin' with my heartbeat at a fast rate
He said "Where you tryin' to go I done been and back"
"But I ain't mad just show me where y'all hid the sack"
"And hurry up cause I think I hear ya mama comin'"
"She don't know that we fixin' to blow"
"So hurry up before she hit the door"
[Hook x2]