Gangsta Pat
Shootin’ On Narcs
Open up, this Sheriff Jack Owens
Open up, I’m comin’ in!

(Gangsta Pat)
Who’s that knockin’ at my door? NARCOTICS
Break out artillery, hide the motherfuckin’ product
When they bust in then imma start bustin’ they ass
Blowing the weak motherfuckas in the past
Cause I’m tired of this police shit (Word!)
Them motherfuckas don’t faze me they must be crazy
Bustin in a n***a’s house making much racket
I kill a motherfucka in a metro jacket
In a minute, shoot his ass down to the concrete
That’s what he get for being one be
Police motherfucka tryna be a hero
You read it in a paper, “Narc Shot By A Negro”
But see I’m a gangsta and I don’t play that shit
Especially when it comes to making a hit
And when there’s money involved
You see a nine millimeter gets my problem solved
Cause I ain’t got time to be locked up (locked up!)
For a motherfuckin’ substance that’s rock up (rock up!)
Cause if I get caught, it’s for keys and blocks
But a crazy motherfucka like me is shooting on narcs

(Gangsta Pat talking)
Homeboy look at the position you’re in now. You're in a gun fight with the police department. You know what I’m saying? You know how serious that is? Those are real guns you’re dealing with. Those are real bullets flying past you. Real helicopters flying over you. Man, you got think about what you doing, man. Look, if you wasn’t never in the gang, you wouldn't be in this position in the first place. Think about where you got yourself. Yo, this could be the end of your life right now

(Gangsta Pat)
The crazy motherfuckas tryna stop crack
Bringing they ass on a rock track
Dressed like a junkie the image they stuck to
(Hey, mane, do you know who selling rocks?)
Hell naw, fuck you!
A .357 will put that deceased
A n***a can’t have shit for no motherfucking police
They see a brother dripped up, they stop and stare
Narcotics need to sit their ass down somewhere
Cause they’re the ones bringing the dope in
It’s no doubt
It’s just their plan to wipe the black man out
But I’ll shoot one of them motherfuckas down to they death
Black narcotics making a fool of themselves (Fool!)
Thinking that he’s doing right, working for the enemy
No black brother with a badge is a friend to me
The narcs be rolling through the hood
Looking, urging to catch a young motherfucka serving
When I ride past them, I sit up tall
Jump & Grab Squad tried to get me but I shot ‘em all
Tried to arrest me and plant some rocks
A crazy motherfucka like Pat is shootin on narcs

(Fat Tony)
Yeah, what's up mane?
I just got out the Penal Farm, mane
I just did three calenders

(Gangsta Pat)
Straight up

(Fat Tony)
Yeah mane
Down there with them buffalo n***as, mane
You know how that is
I'm tellin ya mane, I had got
Ah, Jack, Jack Owens and 'em got me, mane
Jump n grab, mane
Caught my mission, mane
Somebody had snitched on me, mane
Some fool, mane
Sitting in the back of the van, mane
I had to serve that fool, mane
The fool snitched on me

(Gangsta Pat)
Straight up

The one thing in this country, n***as have to put up with is cops