Rap Critic
Worst Lyrics I Ever Heard... This Month (November 2010)
[Rap Critic voiceover as Insane Clown Posse's "Miracles" plays]
During the writing process of Rap Critic, many of the songs he wishes to review aren't applicable, either due to the fact that the song lacks a music video, doesn't involve any rapping, or the song doesn't offer enough materia to talk about

[Text on screen]
Or, because everyone everyone's opinions have already been FULLY expressed concerning this song...

For the next few months, Rap Critic will be working on new episodes and living his normal life. But while doing so, he composes a lyrics of the worst lyrics he heard that month, to offer some short commentary on each one. Here are the worst lyrics he's heard... this month.Number 3[Mystikal - "Shake Ya Ass"... even if the subtitles can't figure out the lyrics]
Uh... uh...
Something about a German Shepherd

[Rap Critic]

Banana fana fonana and diamonds are for the pussy

[RC puts his ear closer to the screen]

Incoherent gibberish about sex (maybe)

[Clip of an angry Yosemite Sam, given he has about the same eloquence...]

Does anyone even had to edit this song? I mean, it's not like you can really hear what he is saying. Well, there is that one line...

I came in here with my dick in my hand!

You can hear that very clearly. And it is just me or it sounds like it was cut from the middle of the chorus?

[RC as a Music Producer]
OK, OK, guys! I can't hear a word of what he's saying! Can we get anyone in here so we can get something we can understand? No one? Well get the guy who produced the song! Eh, whatever. It will work.Number 2[RC as a Music Producer]
Okay, Busta Rhymes is about to release his new album, and we need to decide what is gonna be the lead single. Should it be "Don't Touch Me Now", a song that returns to Busta's high energy in a way people have waited for years, and to which we already shot a music video for?

[RC as another Producer]
No, no, no!

[RC #1]
What about "We Made It", a song that blends rap and rock in a way that hasn't sounded this good since Aerosmith and Run-DMC... also, we already shot the music video for that?

[RC #2]
No, no, no. That won't work either. What else do you have?

[RC #1]
Well, there's that song with the T-Pain ripoff and the racially insensitive chorus.

[Clip from said song...]
Shlailalila haleleehailo hilia hidibailai eh, haidi ailo
[RC #2]
Oh, you mean "Arab Money"?

Well, on the song they pronounce it...


Ha! Put it out immediately!Number 1[Master P - I Miss my Homies]
Some say the blind lead the blind
But in the ghetto you never know
When it's gon be yo time

[Rap Critic]
Well, this sounds like it will be a heartfelt song, dedicated to his friends that died. Something that a lot of people can relate to. Let's hear some introspective lyrics from Master P.

[Master P]
Sittin at the ghetto thinkin bout
All my homies passed away *Frankenstein's Monster Grunt*

[RC laughing his ass off]
What the... he, no, he... [laughs] that was the worst... [laughs] that was the worst time you could've ever picked to say that [voice falters to the point he's laughing again] I can't do this, I can't do this. [gets up and leaves, still laughing]

[RC, off screen]
Play it, play it one more time, play it one more time!
[Master P]
All my homies passed away (uuunnnggghhh!)

[RC laughing some more offscreen]

[Miracles and the voiceover]
OK, technically that last one doesn't count, but whatever. Tune in next time for the worst lyrics of this month. Good night.