Summer 16
Yea, 4 god


Call up Diddy Ima bad boy
Bouta givem wat dey ask for
Tell promoters if dey book me for a show den f**k a check I need da cash for it
N***as dey ain't payin' up kick'em out wit no note to evict I'm da landlord
I jus had ta go and seat some n***as dat wasn't bout wat I stand for
Dab drippin' like a fauce
Prestoin' wit da sauce
These days n***as b*t*hes like a thong on strippas have ta takem' off
Its da summa out here rumblin' in da jungle I was found but neva lost
I had ta do it that's not Von it's not a buick hot sauce wit da lacrosse
Straight Rihanna wit da work, Straight Rihanna wit da work
Dawg carter say he need ta roll harder he jus popped anotha perk
Summa times all upon us cold women sundressin' wit da skirt
4 god I'm who dey praisin' wouldn't believe it go Serena wit da serve
Mayweather wit da hits boi, Mr. Hanky wit da sh*ts boi
Say dey f**k wt me da long way n***as peewee's neva break a wrist boi
I'm jus tryna crusie thru Cali smoke n' open roads feelin' like I'm Hit Boi
Water levels risin' got'em drownin' time around I'm clownin' dis is it boi
Yeeaahhh, conscience on fleek and da demons control
Aye, but somehow I got halo rings round my soul
Chris Brownin' wit da folks, Chris Brownin' wit da folks
Donald Trump fa n***as got dat tan and wanna go and send it on a boat
Tryna diss me well dats suicide betta off hangin' wit a rope
No Michael Kohrs got playas on my team pu**y n***a I'm da coach
Blake Griffin in da post, Blake Griffin in da post
Tell dese n***as back up off me from da D but give you Deja wit da Loaf