Cali Swag District
Freakin You
I wanna freak you[x2]
I think about, think about
I wanna freak you[x2]
Ooh yea, ooh yea
I wanna freak you

[Verse 1:]
It’s lookin like it’s bout to go down (down)
I'm killing hair an makeup
Girl I’m a pro when I go down (down)
An even though you cake up (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
When we turn up girl I wanna hear you scream (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
Everything that’s been on ma mind ima let you see (yea)

What must I say, what must I do
To show how much I think about freakin you
I think about it, think about it
I think about freakin you
I think about it, think about it
I think about freakin you

[Verse 2:]
From your toe to your head
From the door to the bed
I wanna kiss and lick all over your body, jus prob’ly
If you let me I use that ice like gretzky
Get her so wet like jet ski
Dem t**tie b*t*hes ma pet peeve
Look she turning up and I take it down
Now I roll it up and she break it down
I hit it hard and she make a sound
I like you like I play around
I beat it hard, jam or d whip
It's low key that’s kink a sneak
I’m faded stay super geek, that b*t*h bad straight super freak

[Verse 3:]
Ok she need that and I proceeded
Let me ease your mind these seats recline so pull your seat back
Kick off dem red bottoms, she put dem legs on em
Got dat a** on lock got dat a** on lock
I put dem dreads on her (on her)
I put dem paws on her (on her)
She ain't got no drawers on her (on her)
She bad I should probably call d law on her
For certain I’m buckled to her mayne
Not thinkin bout her man she’s so wet
I’m surfin so


[Verse 4:]
What do I gota say
How do I gotta prove it
Let's make a hit record, our body's making music
Let's be one and the same
Girl I can feel your pain
I know that's something missing
I can fill in the blank
I'm drinking what you drank
I’m lovin how we vibe
Don't worry bout the bank
Keep money stuffed inside
And that's how I really feel
You know that n***a don't
I’m just tryna keep it real
An you know that n***a won't , won’t play with it (play with it)
An I’m facin ma bed
For me and you did just lay in it (lay in it)
I'm that type of n***a that wanna work it out
I’ll stay fitted (I’ll stay fitted)
If it's meant to be then you’re stuck wit me
I’ll stand with it (I’ll stand with it)
You can get it