Get 2 Tha Point
[Intro, ad-libbed:]
Unh, let's go!
Unh, NYG'z ya around, this is how we get down!
Unh! Chi, you ready? Yo—

[Hook, x2:]
All pencils got erasers, n***a stick to the point!
Respect the shit out of a G when he enter the joint!
Ain't no kings on the street, ain't no ones to anoint
Just real n***as…n***as…n***as!

[MC Panchi:]

Aiyyo—I know a n***a named Kuntry that get high
But I love him cause he cook me two out of one pie
So back in school, I said, "Fuck sports!", slung some kis
When my coach asked me why? Blamed my knees
I've been thrown down all fours by New York D's
I'm down to rock with stick-up kids and take care of fiends
I know you love my cologne, it reminds you of home
It's just: Weed, the streets; soul, powder and bleach
Cause the 'hood love me to death—I ain't leaving
Old drama want me dead, but I'm still breathing
Cause I rode out from under ya joint, hop out ya bushes
Punk pantsed, you gon' need more than Aston Kutcher
I blast then put ya—in the situation, it's tight
Here's my button, n***a, push it, we can rock all night!
I got a whole lot of stress, n***a, you ain't built for
And a fuck-you attitude I'm SUPPOSED to get killed for!

[Hook x 2]

[MC Panchi:]
Fa real, my whole Earth gave me the sense to take the sword to the length
So relax, big Paw, cuz you fuckin' with strength
So strong, shit, I could get you touched in jail
Ain't get the tear taken home in the mail—you frail
Steady hollering that life's a bitch and shit ain't fair?
Probably cause you a square, never got yo share;
Prepare to play the background, beefin' for rap
Cause I done been there, done that, Dr. Dre'd that!
This is for grown men, complex, with no complex
All tenement buildings, houses and projects
For, uh: Ray, Vince, Chi, Preem, and y'all
Peep the jewels that I spit, contradictions galore
Unless of course, ya street wise—ya can't condemn it
Don't take this home, twist it and bend it
No amendment to this constitution, blowing my joint
All pencils got erasers n***a get to the point!
[Hook x 2]