Same Team, No Games
[DJ Premier scratch: "Let the games begin" - WC]

[Verse 1: Panchi]
Yo, do the knowledge to the master builder blowin' the spliff
The new millennium, Hiram Abiff
Gotta watch what I say to you n***as so I code my 'sation
'Cause the shit ain't really pass the statute of limitations
The streets still holler about how strong I am
N***as I hurt still holler about how wrong I am
As a little n***a broke, baking soda and coke
Had me amazed how my steady hand kept it afloat
Let it sit, cool and harden, hit the set cool and heartless
In front of the store projects, as long as I made a profit
I see you eyeing me, your fire escape diary
Filled with pages of episodes of shying me
Nonbeliever, my hammer for hire
Hit your ass so close that your coat will catch fire
Dog, the stakes are dire, I'm no liar
Holdin' court in the street, B, 'cause I got priors

[Verse 2: Shiggy Sha]
Same team no games, these chicks that blow brains
Rather watch Soul Train than corners rocking cocaine
Got no shame, trying to build these figures
HeadQCourterz left, he ain't gone, he still with us
Not in the physical, through us he live
I can see him with Big L, Pun, Pac and BIG
Watching over the kid like "Yeah, Shigg, the wait's over"
Inhale that Ether, blow out and Takeover
I'm the truth; give you proof at your video shoot
Pull them cannons on you while them cameras on you
How you love that?
Don't wanna bump with Stax
So go ahead, dumb up, make me call Krumb up
"It's the Militia"
Y'all n***as don't know about I
Got me heated, frustrated, about to blow my high
Me and Panch blazing, Rave got the gauge raising
Sick of talking about it, n***as ain’t on my wavelength
[Verse 3: Hannibal Staxx]
United we stand together, down for whatever
Divided we get at you from all angles
Gang Starr forbid, NYG'z, same team no game
Love is love, fam, one in the same
Funny style n***as act strange, going against the grain
Don't want to see us on top of our thing? We adapt to change
Fame, fortune and material game, flow stay natural unrestrained
Let me explain, n***as don't get it 'til you set it aflame
Subject them to pain, make them respect the name
The set you rep, connect you play stay ready to bang
Steps ahead of competitors, they'll test your aim
H. Staxx shoot back, splat, dead your brain
My foundation bust gats, splat, dead your brain
Fuck with mine, splat, not take the blame
Playin' for keeps, we came to win

[Verse 4: Guru]
Yo, I'm the Jerry Rice to this, much too nice to quit
And just so you know, we never liked you, kid
'Cause you ain't wanna let n***as eat
So I'mma convene with my team before we gotta let the trigger speak
'Cause nowadays, y'all rappers are carbon copies
Your bars are sloppy, still it's hard to stop me
Especially when I connect with my man, rep with my fam
We taking back the rest of our land
And we don't really care if they say you're the shit
They playing your hits, we about to make our way in this bitch
And let's see if your gimmick last until the next season
In a flash, take your stupid ass out, give me the next reason
Flip for my peoples here, spit for my peoples here
Yeah, time to get rich with my peoples here
Cut off a snake's head, then we break bread
Same team, no games, you on the ground trying to fake dead
[DJ Premier scratch: "Let the games begin" - WC]