Intro (HQ, Goo, Panch)
What’s goin’ on, man

N***as is bonded in darkness, man
It’s just that simple, man
You gotta, I mean, you gotta come with the light, man
It’s that time, man, you hear what I’m sayin?

I’m sayin’, I’m sayin’, now that I got a baby
It’s a whole different thing for me
I’m like, this world is mad cr--
It was fucked up when we was commin’ up
But it’s mad crazy for the babies right now
And it’s like, yo, you got, pssh man, mass confusion
You got motherfuckin’ rats in a maze and shit

Word is life man. But um
All I gotta do is have the mentality to fight mentality, man
Fuck tryin’, man. Because, boom
You laid out and be dead, man
On some, on some serious shit
Mentally, not on so--, not on a physical level, man
Head up, eyes and ears, the fuck open

Alright then, word is bond, son

[DJ Premier]
And on that note, let’s get back to the program