Ya Dayz R #’D (Remix)
[Intro - Woman talking]
And now ladies and gentlemen
It's my pleasure to bring to you somebody who's for the real people


[DJ Premier scratch Hook]
"It's most real in my everyday life" - Infamous Mobb 'We Will Survive'
"Your days are numbered" - Kool G Rap
"Stand tall, stick your chest out boy and be a man" - Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz ' Marmalade'
"Your days are numbered"
"Never the less"
"It's most real in my everyday life"

[Verse 1 - NYGz]
Same 59-50s on the same 3-60s
Ain't shit changed, new team same game
Back with another one, I said get used to us
Thought it was a game
This time we got a crew with us
Wipe my timb's on the welcome mat
Kicked in the door like I knew I'd excel in rap
Go head, n***a rock, this a warning shot
All that gonna stop when Pro's & Con's drop
"Ya days are numbered" - Kool G. Rap

[Shiggy Sha]
Not me I'm fine
It's reference to y'all n***as
Can't y'all see my grind?
I'll put it all together, the way that I shine
With Freddie Foxx, Lady Of Rage & Royce 5'9"
Yo, pardon me
Brother Malcolm
I'm straight from the X
These n***as rappin' for the lames
Y'all will rap for the rest
All I had to make was one phone call and I did it
Yo Preme, scratch the hook and trust we shit

[Scratch Hook]

Rock on with your bad self

[Verse 2 - Lady Of Rage]
Ha, boom shockalocka
Yo, here comes the "Chief Rocka"
Rage out the gate goin' straight for the knockout
You can't handle the lyrical damaga
I got porn star stamina
Breathe easy you amateurs
I'm all action, no lights no cameras
No board, I'm been known to kill the bull like a matador
Oye, ha
Ukfe uye
You thinkin' I can't flow that?
You can get the bozack
Act like you know that
I'm one of the coldest
I'm smokin' like Calvin Broadus choking on green foliage
Gotta, Bone to pick with all those that hate
Because I get Bizzy like Krayzie and Layzie
You Wish you could fade me
But my Thugs stay N Harmony
There's no harmin' me
I drops bombs with ease
With these NYGz
Makin' N.Y. freeze
I'm still "Unfuckwitable", chick "You Know My Steez"
[Scratch Hook]

[Verse 3 - Bumpy Knuckles]
Your days are numbered like the calendar
White potato on the Derringer with duct tape to make a silencer
Pretty much it's a wrap if I'm involved
Clap with the revolver
Strap, how I resolve
Beef can be dissolved
Quick as I evolve
Lyrically, like a real MC is what I'm called
Y'all n***as can't talk about guns to me
If you ain't never smelt saltpeter comin' from assault heaters
I know you're lookin' for your Wikipedia
Tryin' to figure out what the hell Bump is feedin' ya
Y'all see the duffel bag carryin' the muffled mac, magazine
Filled with the hollow point Al Greene's
Full of fire, I got verses for hire
They got nurses for hire
Y'all all know that the style mean
I'll leave ya weezin' in the alley with a Walkman on
Playin' Lil' Weezy, tryin' to breathe easy

[Scratch Hook]

[Verse 4 - Royce Da 5'9"]
Nick nine got the whole entire scene shook
Heads bop, feds watch, cops, fiends look
I'm sittin' on throne lookin' like the king should
I let my records talk for me like a Preme hook
I got the green foot
I kick money shit so much, it's funny shit
But creams how things look
Bottom line, I'm a dollar sign
Out of sight, out of mind
Idolize, I'm already out of mine
Dotted lines
Zeros surrounded by my heroes
I'm livin' but honored by a mural
Lock, load dispense
Never at my expense
Sawed offs frequent
Y'all bought we spent
Y'all recent, dog we vets
We wet n***as with the three tec
Reflex, respect
A real n***a from the D
On a rise from them D's
On a ride with them Gz
From NY
And that's why
[Scratch Hook]