[Intro: Panchi]
Uh huh, uh!!!

[Verse One: Panchi]
Yo Preme look what happened when the game got sloppy
Introducin the Lone Ranger the kimosabe
The horse is the big gun, the ten gallon tracks
The hood cowboys with the ten gallon raps
Rockin ACG boots and baseball caps
I agree this ain't assimilation of the do you
This the shit that Sha said to get used to
Gang Starr Foundation's the tree, we branched off
Sha and I just waited our chance to blast off
Year Round's in possession of W-M-D's
Blaq Poet, Nick, Khaleel the NYG'z
I'm makin dollars out of pressure my pipe's are intact
Don't believe me, ask yo' bitch, boy, now back to the track
These recordings be important not responsible for drama
Like Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, McCain and Obama

[Hook: Shabeeno] {x2}
Man listen, we be on a life or death mission
Get paid like tuition, or caged up in prison
One time for ya mind two ghetto politicians
Three for all my n***as locked down in the system
(N! Y! G!)

[Verse Two: Shabeeno]
They said New York fell of, who bringing New York back?
I'm like, "Where we went? What part the game is that?"
We've been here the whole time n***a, anxiously waitin
In the streets paper chasin, Preme testin our patience
Now stop the presses, listen up this is not a lecture
More like a message with a flow that's as hot as peppers
Pop to kill 'em, only way you can stop this villain
I'm sick wit it, couldn't kill me with amoxicillin
I've been the illest since Ill Kid Operation Rat'
The suicide though, I never contemplated that
Then that's a wrap, turn your pages to '03
Chapter NYG'Z, Panch' is my co-d
No "I" in team homie, picture me solo
Seen what happened to Tony? What he did to Manolo?
There go that New York Giant, back on his shit again
Seen with +Wolverines+ and they wasn't from Michigan
Y'all n***as listenin? Y'all can hear a lyrical
Street pharmacist, with [?] rawer than Seroquel
Rap shit don't work find us, in Tennessee
Lookin for bucks, seeing if they still ten a key
[Scratch Outro: DJ Premier] {x2}
N! Y! G!
"We appeal, to those that's real" - Heather B 'My Kinda N***a'
"Practice freedom of speech and refuse to hold back" - Pitch Black 'Revenge'
"Motherfuck what you say"
N! Y! G!