Perfect Storm
[Verse 1: ?]
I walk around your car with a knife, screaming “What is life?”
The first nig I see tonight might actually catch a slice
I strike criminally equal and kill four people
Y’all was craving for a sequel, see and you screamed too
At the preview peeping the iller damers fleeting review
Review the chapter of a mental warfare of sorts
Push you off the course, riding the Tour de Force
Come back compact and attack these active rappers
Under the trap door, now I’m the one the cops is looking for
Just walked out of the gun store
Wearing the mask, the money bag, and had it full with metaphors

[Hook: Illogic]
Now what was that? Huh?
What, what was you saying?
My, my, my crew’s the what?
My crew’s the shit
Your crew throwing fits
You ain’t doing what, what?
You ain’t doing shit
Yo, now what was that?
What, what was you saying?
Yo, yo, your crew’s the what?
Your crew ain’t shit
You ain’t fuckin’ wit it
You ain’t doin’ shit
Shh, now watch out
Hold up hold up
[Verse 2: Eclipse]
I’m here to make a deposit inside of the minds logic
Your third optic should have peeped it from the drop kid
I’m toxic; my lyricals is full of hazardous materials
While you acquired yours from a box of cereal
The only rap critic who call dope n***as pitiful
Introducing three MF’s is something better to listen to
They get pissed, call they crews startin’ an incident
We fist fight and they leave with hyper-extended ligaments
Venomous rhymes diminish kids with infinite hits
Finishing with no incentive of winning shit
My scriptures artificially intelligent
It’s them who choose to end your crews, I’m just tryin’ to represent
By now it’s evident that we ain’t hesitant to rush your residence
Cockin’ the verbal Glock, callin’ shots at this
I rock with evidence, a last battles on my mandible
Got animals scarred to eat me; they’d rather turn cannibal
It’s natural for you to get the capital when you be rapping dude
Just don’t let the money grapple you
And tackle your mental so you start becoming adaptable
On to your environments, you know like wack n***as do
I’m tongue-lashing crews as the rhyme becomes the Cat of Nine Tails
Numerous lines rapidly slap the mind
Yo studio time ain’t even worth half of mine
Hurting clans of guys ‘til emergency standing by
The curtain can land and I spit verbals within disguise
I’ll circle your manic dye and leave burgundy where he lie
Surgery can’t provide the service you need to survive
Eclipse leaving these pussies’ cervical cancerfied
[Verse 3: ?]
You ain’t have a verse that could rock a boombox, two Glocks and burst
The balls to blow off, just gotta move Earth
The truth hurts crews that went from backpacks to purses
My broad cap raw whacks and straw cracks the surface
Take a crowd above clouds, underground supper
Adjust the volume, kept the body in two
Word uses bruise kids, observe music
Hitting medullas turning it in two-fifths
Nah, nah, a new trend to the improved students
Audio footage, WE DON’T EVEN USE PENS
Bootleg keep movin’, to victim, your life’s useless
I rap like this in prep to try to remember the future
Chase whores with chainsaws – might cause a nuisance
Catch you off guard, space war…
Make every page for the brains plain raw, straight hard
Taste eraser marks, saving the art
Praise the lord I wake up to tape record my cray thoughts


[Verse 4: Illogic]
I’m diabolical with it, Illogic’ll spit that splits
Cruisin’ two’s in order to load this ark that sparks creation
Inhalation of your last breath ‘til you’re left with a hollow skeleton
As my right hand squeezes your brain with legions of pain
Four seasons I reign, perfect storms or word forms
Around my neck I rock bones of past challengers – platinum-plated
To parallel my sperm cells, I’m so underground the worms’ yell
Maggots starts mosh pits, when I spit I water seeds to grow
Impeding weeds and flows, get off my floors and board your elevators
‘Cause you can’t stand the ground I cultivate
You know that I bleed skill
And you and your crew just mad ‘cause cats need contacts and third eyes to see ill
So get a refill of your canisters as we fill venues and empty banisters
To send crews back to they labs searching for pens to grab