Hoes Into Housewives
ST what's happening
Wayne sh*t n***a D-Lo
Look, look

[Verse 1: D-Lo]
D-Lo go crazy, straitjacket
Bad b*t*h on d**k, straight ratchet
Trendsetter, yall be on that body sh*t
Your b*t*h on my d**k cause she heard me on the Tyga sh*t
I could turn a housewife into a ho b*t*h
I could turn a broke b*t*h into a gold b*t*h
It's like a full time job not to kill n***as
And I be missing worked, f**ked around and got him merked
Rude boy DB I got a bad mouth
Every b*t*h I ever had I made them cash out
Wow, yeah you know I'm rocking two chains
Two b*t*hes on my d**k I call that two brains
Yeah I live the fast life call me Hussein
B-B-Boat n***a, I'm chasing dope n***a
I getting rap money aka trap money
One show that's like a brick worth of crack money

[Hook: ST Spittin]
You can't turn hoes into housewives
Hoes into housewives, hoes into housewives
You can't turn hoes into housewives
Hoes into housewives, hoes into housewives
You can't turn hoes into housewives, freaks to a geek
Bop's to a topnotch freaks on a leak
Hoes into housewives, freaks and the geeks
Bop's to a topnotch freaks on a leak
[Verse 2: ST Spittin]
Big stunts, bigger blunts n***as front
Like it's all I don't they play, but we got a bigger lunch
When I touchdown ladies wanna kick it like a punt
Hut hut one two, she ready to come through
And do what I want to, the liquor just runs through
Her body, now she popping and busting like guns do
It's ST Spittin, D-Lo and young Su
You n***as be handcuffing them rippers you dumb fools
I'm cool
You jocking cause she put in her mouth I
Got you on line, you wanna make her the housewife
But she ain't the spouse type
Ripping and dipping ho about no pimping
Really you tripping catching them feelings
All because of a feeling you love her that is forbidden
Wild life she living, ready you getting willing
I'm appealing that's a given, don't mind f**king her sipping
Then I gotta go
No cup caking, no feeling


[Verse 3: IamSu!]
Hoes to a housewives, pu**y fat mouth tight
Got her own crib car flat screen wifi
Check a n***a Email, she trying to be my female
But she can't be the GF, I keep that on the DL
It's young Suzy baby, ST D-Lo
She black Filipino, got chips like its Reno
She skips [?] she John lo freak o
Can't never ever wife she know all my migos
Came through pulling hoes, balling Chris Mullin hoes
Know that everything I do is always undercover though
I came across the mother load, she don't ever come alone
Baby got a big booty take that you can stumble on (Aye)
And that's too real
She said she wanna sign me, I'ma need like 2-mill
Make your baby tell me what I want like Drew Hill
Drop it to the ground girl pop it like a E pill