Big Boogie
Bro Code
Yeah, yeah
Shit real life story
Just gotta listen to me
(Flow Beats did this)
Real movie
I seen everything I'm finna say
And these exactly the names

I know this guy named Nick
He was getting this money, coming like Mitch (Coming Mitch)
Then he had a homeboy named Chris (Yes he do)
But they fell out for nothing because a bitch (Shit ain't cool)
Keep in mind, the bitch was fucking Chris (She a ho)
But her ex got her pregnant and that was Nick (Damn bro)
She didn't never lеt 'em know, that bitch was slick (She was slick)
She just wantеd information and some dick (She a thot)
Nick telling Chris, "Bruh, she ain't shit" (She ain't shit)
"You my brother, I can't fight you for a bitch" (Bro for life)
The bitch walk in the room like, "What i miss?"
Chris yell at that n***a, "You fucked my bitch" (Aw mane)
Nick yell back at him, "That ain't your bitch" (Aw mane)
The bitch yell like, "What you mean I ain't his bitch?" (Oh-oh)
Nick laughing at the bitch saying, "Bitch" (Hahaha)
You a slick ass ho because of this ('Cause of this)
Chris talking to Nick like, "What you talking 'bout?"
Nick talking to Chris, "I know her from the South"
Now she pregnant, she got pregnant at my mama house
Chris shut up and said, "Bruh, what you talking 'bout?" (What you mean?)
"What you mean she got pregnant at your mama house?" (What you mean?)
Nick said, "I been fucking on the bitch" (I been fucking on the bitch)
I can't lie, I was loving on the bitch
I popped a pill, I was rubbing on the bitch (Ah-ah)
Chris talking to Nick, "She pregnant by you?" (You)
Nick talking to Chris, "I done tried to" (Who we shittin'?)
You my n***a, I'll cry before I lie to you ('Fore I lie to you)
Fuck that, I'd die before I cry to you (I cry to you)
If she so damn solid then why'd she lie to you? (Why'd she lie to you)
Chris ups on Nick saying, "Fuck that"
You playing under me, n***a, boy I can't trust you (How is that?)
And you don't stay wit' your mama so where you fuck her at? (What you mean?)
Nick looking at Chris, he so upset (He so upset)
You finna kill me 'bout a bitch so where your guts at? (Shoot me then)
Chris shot Nick (Bah), now he losing blood
Nick shot the bitch (Bah), why he do that for?
Chris going all crazy saying, "Fuck the baby" (What the fuck?)
Soon he went to jail, the bitch wrote the affidavit (Ah-ah)
Chris yellin' at Nick, "How you make the baby?"
Nick talking to Chris, "I made her in Jamaica" (What the bombaclat?)
She was sellin' her pussy, I was tryna pay her
But she lied to Chris and said Nick tried to rape her (Ah-ah)
Chris yell at the bitch, "I know you wasn't faithful"
Bitches cold, they'll cheat and come lay wit' you later
The bitch left him for dead, she so ungrateful
The bitch fucking whoever, he didn't have to rape her
Nick yelling at Chris, "Why we even fighting?"
Chris yelling at Nick, "We ain't even fighting" (You my brother, n***a)
This shit real life cold blood (Cold blood)
I'm in my feelings when I'm sober (Oh-oh-oh)
When I'm in public, got that pole tucked (Grra, bah)
Never trust a bitch, they so cold blood (Cold blood)
Oh, oh, oh (Yeah)
Bitches cold
Bitches cold
Never break the bro code
Bitches cold
Bitches cold
Bitches cold
Bitches cold
Bitches cold
(Bitches cold)