Big Boogie
We The Ones
[Producer Tag] - CrankItUpPedro

{Intro] - Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah

[Verse} Rich n***a from the rich n***a we got bricks n***a, dog n***a ima dog n***a might fuck yo bitch n***a. Bossed up yea im bossed up neck & wrist frost up im road running i got road runnas who ran that sack up "Big Shit" we pop big shit my whole gang lit but wold up we dont fold up we closed mouth shit. Bad bitches we pop bad bitches they get tossed up g'd up got g"s up i get gannis bucks fuck shit u on some fuck shit better duck quick, gang shit you know we bang shit like king james bitch. Cool n***a still will send them hittas where u cool n***a, food n***a i got food n***a bricks 52 n***a, no n***a i can't go n***a i need my doe n***a, Go N***a & when u dump that sack come get some more n***a, Trap n***a look what i rap n***a this ain't no cap n***a, bitch n***a wit a stick n***a u ain't no grave digger, hoe n***a u a n***a u ain't neva go n***a,woah n***a i got blow n***a & shawty low n***a, Cap shit n***as cappin ain't sold no dope n***a,trappin when they say they trappin its only smoke n***a, They rappin im really rappin ain't talkin quotes n***a,trey songz these n***as singin ain't talkin notes n***a,foreign shit i wear foriegn shit i drive foriegn whips & dracos they from toronto i got foriegn sticks,Switch n***a we put switch n***a on that glick n***a,switch n***a if u switch n***a u a bitch n***a,we the ones who really got them #'s who put the city on 100 bags nun but platinum i put that shit on chrome,Be cool n***a we got tools n***a like we work at lowes,prove n***a we got nun to prove n***a we sold amillion "O's" Block shit u on some hot shit u gone get blocked quick,These bitches two u on some spying shit u gone get block too, follow u i can't follow boo if u ain't on thot shit im sorry boo sorry not sorry boo had to unfollow u,gold digger ion give her nun but food & pole n***a, slow n***a if my trap slow up i won't go broke n***a,plug n***a i serve plugs n***a im yo plugs dealer,lock shit got traps on lock bitch my phone jump like wick,tropic the trending topic yea im hot bitch,drop shit now once we drop shit dont smoke on opp shit,old money i got old money 2014 money,crash dummy we ain't no crash dummy we still will smash sum, we the ones that really got them #'s who put the city on,100 bags nun but platinum i blew that shit on chrome be cool n***a,we got tools n***a like we work at lowes, aprroved n***a nun to prove n***a we sold amillion "O's"

[Verse 2] Been throwed baby richard milli let me talk my shit,im that n***a that they like to talk about & shit, im big dude that these bitches love to see & shit, tesla on the E way stars in that wit them sticks, bitch im havin shit hemis ain't no newest shit, CMG u dont like my label suck my dick, choppas rugers drums brought the navy in this bitch,diamons inb my mouth im talkin wavy in this bitch,wide body skatch shit wrapped em all black,if i took some from u you'll never get that back,try me out in public n***a why would u do that,i dont fuck wit rappers fuck'em all that shit wack,my lil bitch so sexy when she dress up in all black,fuck before my show pussy good head phat...