Big Boogie
I'm Big Dude (Glrrrd, EJ, talk to 'em)
Mm-mm, I'm twenty-five years old and I bought me a Maybach, n***a (Mm-mm)
That shit pressure (Ha), you feel me? (Ha, ha, mm-mm)
Sometimes when I go home and I don't have no shows, I just get in my Maybach, me and lil' cuz, KJ, like— (Ha, ha, mm-mm)
Rich in the front seat, we just be so high (Mm-mm), like, damn, we made it, n***a, you feel me? (Ha, mm-mm)
I mean, if you don't like Big Dude, fuck you (Ha, ha), suck you, die, you feel me? (Ha, mm-mm)
It's just like that (Glrrrd)

First of all, my success is on my face (Face)
I'm the type of n***a that's gon' put it in they face (Look)
I know they don't like me, so I stay out n***as way (I'm gone)
Watch who you loyal to, they'll try you in your face (Ooh-ooh)
I pray I don't get crossed by nobody in my face (Oh, no)
I was facing 65 to life, I beat my case (Ooh)
I touched my first million, told my family better days (Beep)
We get in them toys, I told my brother 'nem, "Let's race" (Race)
Blood, sweat and tears about my label, it's on my face (Redrum)
They don't bump Big Boogie, they hatin', them n***as gay (Fuck 'em)
Potion, Big Dude havin' motion (Gone)
I be so stiff on these bitches, now these bitches open (Open)
I be so fuckin' picky with life (Ha, ha), I be so focused (Focused)
Everything I bought, that shit important, it's my trophy (Frrrt)
I took my n***as up out the street, I want them focused (Murder)
I miss my daughter when I be working, hope she know that (Raya)
Keep my gun on me twenty-four seven, can't be loafing (Glrrrd)
Finna be a millionaire superstar, that's on Josie (CMG)
Big house with my feet up (Feet up)
N***as wanna be us (Fuck 'em)
N***as in they feelings 'cause they know that (Ha) they can't beat us (Murder)
If you want to learn somethin' about being solid, pull your seat up (Come here)
See me in person, try to get clout, you gon' get beat up (Boom)
Just bought me a Maybach, only 25, my feet up (Boom)
Fell out twice before for smoking too much, can't put weed up (Boom)
I be to myself because that trusting shit so hard (Ooh-ooh)
I watch who I love because that shit be leaving scars (Ooh-ooh)
People did me wrong, I didn't do nothin' but play my part (My part)
Everything I did for a person was from the heart (It's from the heart)
Maybach, Maybach (I'm in the Maybach)
Smoking in the Maybach, Maybach (Smoking in the Maybach)
Brainstorming in the Maybach, Maybach (Thinkin' in the Maybach)
I'm secure up in the Maybach, Maybach (Ooh-ooh, ooh)
Maybach, Maybach (I'm in the Maybach)
Brainstorming in the Maybach, Maybach (Smoking in the Maybach)
Dropping tears in the Maybach, Maybach (Crying in the Maybach)
Talking to Raya in the Maybach, Maybach (Talking to Raya in the Maybach)
I'm Big Dude