Fiona Apple
My daddy was born ready, I was ready

[Verse 1]
Your time of death, my cost of living
Michigan/Philly n***a, red, white Jordan 6's
Went to school in the 'burbs, but that make no difference
White boys on my team go harder then n***as
We the best in the game, but yo coach ain't never listen
Unsigned like a motherfucka, now that the labels fishing
Signed a deal a year ago, got out of it cuz I ain't feel the dough
Got a cool mil off "Black Chukkas", I know yo but I'm cool bro
All black, all black, all black! (My n***a)
But you anointed Christian
Yo mama dressed you for church n***a, who you kiddin?
Dick-in-the-booty ass n***as, you must be shittin'
They say I'm the greatest in the world, but I'm tryna live it
40 ounce got all the bitches, P.G county got all the bitches
I’m a trill n***a, in Hilfiger, my style leave you end up missing
Fashion killer...Paris life I'm with Bob Sinclar...(get it?)
3000 electrolytes
Walk hard and my soul glow, 3000 electro lights
Got coke lines in the bathroom, baddest bitches live the wild life
Tall bitches give the best head, standing up on my bed
I drive a go cart through the shopping mall
Staring up skirts: no draws
Cruising in front of your bitch, parking her whip
Talking and gawking the kid, arguing 'bout shit
Both of y’all need to get off of my dick, dick
A n***a came too far, to live a lie
I die be still alive
Let us pray, let us pray, let us pray
Let us pray, let us pray, let us pray

[Verse 2]
Who will survive in America, on the top floor of hysteria
Looking down to my life, like how the fuck did I marry her?
Life’s a bitch but she suck a good dick
Ass fatter than the bottom of a Benz, sitting on low 23 inch
Shoosh!, belly of the beast, I ain’t hungry though
Vegan life for you pork rolls, En Noir leather short flow
Android Homme when I walk (cold), Balmain sweater when I’m laying low
I'm on a balcony blowing halo's
With Topo Chico by the case load, staring at life tryna drink slow
One day I'mma ball like, Jay-Dub and Susu
On a private jet to that red moon, Instagram on my phone too
On a plane wildin out making babies
Goddamn I must be crazy (n***a)
Fucking like I'm in the 80s (n***a), 87 I was that baby (wooo)
Bombs bombs blown away
My swag done fucked yo hoes away
I style myself put your clothes away
Raak killed the beat, thats a throw away
Can't find the body muthafuckin cold case, fuck everybody
Young OG…middle finger to n***as dick riding me
Let us pray, let us pray, let us pray
Let us pray, let us pray, let us pray

[Verse 3]
I wear my heart on my chest, ffffuck yo necklace, fuck yo necklace
Turning my phone off, ffffuck yo texts, fuck yo texts
My daddy dead, I was born a blessing, born a blessing
Summer time in '92, back seat, I was rolling Benzes (Swerve!)
Clio Road, to that Southside, I’m coming home, at Grammy time
So my grandma know I still ride, for my blood, I will die
Forte and Bryant, I'm so king n***a kiss my highness
En Noir life, you n***as get from round us (wooo)
N***a! You think this the death of a dynasty
This art of war, Raak and DeNiro beside of me, I’ve been quiet too long
JWhi n***a pass that loud, smoking on that heaven
Can you see them clouds?

[Let us pray]