Tell Me This (G-5)
[Hook 2X: Huey]
(Tell me this) who flyer than a G-5 airplane (me)
Got badass bitches playing dare game
My bread's up (my bread's up) my car clean (my car clean)
My bitch tough (my bitch tough) my charms gleam (my charms gleam)

[Verse 1: Huey]
All Eyes On Me like 2Pac
26s on the drop and 2 blocks
What, am I everything you not
(BALLIN') raised off them true blocks
Interior paint, rims color coordinating
Yes yes, it's blessed as if the Lord made it
Nah n***a, don't jack, that's for your safety
My guns got heat sensors and no safety
I'm a expert in anything that I do
No cubans, all diamonds are blue
I know you heard about me, no I'm not worried about you
I sit back and relax, sittin' on Louis couches
That's right, the truth is out, bitch, I knock your tooth-es out, bitch
You ain't ready for what I'm bringing and who I'm out with
You can flex, front hard, if you want to
Meantime, Huey gonna do what the fuck he want to

[Verse 2: MeMpHiTz]
Who's flyer than a G-5 airplane, me
Got badass bitches playin' choo-choo train
Throw a stack up on it, I'll throw a stack back
Put some gangsters on it, I'mma put some gangster back
It's time to face the facts, the rest of you n***as is lame
I'll tell your boss the same, yeah I'm killin' the game
Yeah, I'm an A&R, but I've got an AR
That shoot real far, go straight up in your car
I'm flyer than flavor, stay duckin' a hater
Fuck what you talking about, my n***a, we getting that paper
I know you heard about us
Hits Committed, the shit, H.U.E.Y., he fly
He the type of guy that make a whole lot of money for his company
Committed, how we living, never tricking, that's a felony
I stay so hi-I-I-I-I-igh
I'm so fly, these n***as starting to call me G-5


[Verse 3: Huey]
I'm fly as a pelican, fly as you ever been
Fo' you haters, guess what, my career will never end
Bout to cop a berry Benz, set it on some berry rims
In the hood, selling stocks, that shit would burys him
I'm gettin' heavy cake, can't carry my heavy safe
But I got heavy Ks to lift up your heavy face
As a child, I never had a nice life
But thanks to Angie and Memph, I'm in the bright lights