(Dio Za Warudo)

(Verse 1)
Cut my throat with a steak knife
Drink the blood like it’s a sacrifice
The despair brought me to a whole new level
Rage and demons running through my veins
You will never see my pain
My eyes cry blood from the demons inside so just sew my eyes shut
So I can never see their face
I’m already numb for the pain
But I still think about suicide like it’s a fucking game
Get out my way I’m about to pull out my kagune
I’m about to go Super Saiyan 3 but the devil lives inside of me
Slaughtering everybody like I’m Freddy Krueger I got a death note beside me

(Tokyo Ghoul Torture)

(Verse 2)
I’m not here to play around I’m here to cause nightmares like I’m jack
Got Psychopathic Tendencies I’m yuno from future diary
I’ll kill anybody who tries to stop me
Fuck you and what you thought of me
It ain’t never meant shit to me