High Timez

[Verse 1]
Searching through the Indica smoke
Trying to find a peace of mind
I feel my thoughts starting to unwind
I seem to be spinning, that's another second hand
On a cock, and I can't make the spinning stop
(Don't stop *cough* do it)
I stumble through the living room into the kitchen
I got the munchies and all I got is cold chicken
My mouth is kind of dry and my eyes are low
Still hungry, so I picked up the phone
Try to call the pizza man, but I can't remember the number
So I laid down and tried not to fall under
The scales of the bud has plain got me
But I would ride around, but I forgot how to use a pen
So I grab a pad and pen from the floor
Heard the doorbell ring, but I can't find the fucking dough
Feels like I'm being watched every move that I make
I got my .357 so they gonna break
Looking through the ashtray for the roach
But I think of better plans before I wind up on my ass
And pass the fuck out, 'cause I'm getting high as a kite
Trying to get a grip on life
I try to close my eyes and lay down
But it feels like I'm being spun on a merry go round
It feels good to have a mellow mind
But I think I'd better watch it
Trying to get through the high timez
[Verse 2]
The hoez is good at the shit
And I think want to get lit
Jazz, what a hell of a split for me to get with
Grab the ashtray and a lighter and get straight to the point
So I can hit a joint
Aw, shit
Now I'm all Fantasy Island
Where man game gone when I'm playing with his ding-dong
Man, if you're gonna give it to me
So I whisper in his ears, it's all clear, say do me
There's a little bird calling my name
I took a look around, and my lover met a new flame
So I sit in the heat 'cause it feels good
While on my mind I'm a tropical neighborhood
I see a little monkey on a vine
Swinging closer to me and he hands me a glass of wine
I take a sweet sip and lay back
Trying to figure out where Baby Girl and Jazz is at
Could have sworn they was just here chilling
Fuck it, 'cause those hoes is grown women
I'm in a tropical paradise all by myself
Without a care in the world, like a little girl
I feel a tiny hunger pain inside
So I get a piece of fruit, but it vanishes before my eyes
Could I be hallucinating?
Or am I out of my mind, getting teased by the high timez