Sunny & Gabe
I Luv It
[D.R.A.M. (4x)]
For real tho
I luv it I luv it I luv it I luv it

[Hook: Sunny]
I’m on a roll
Oh, oh
Taking it slow
Oh, oh
I’ll make sure you never put me down
Ima own you, working from the ground

[Verse 1: Sunny]
I'm feelin' my vibe
Don't need a reason
To set it off right on the spot
With the keys in
We'll be on top
Rockin' all season
Annie are you ok?
You're ok

[Verse 2: D.R.A.M.]
I was going crazy, runnin round tryna get what’s mine
Cause anything slow on the low was a waste of my time
And so I grind almost went blind
Chasin that bread and that bread carried such a bright light
Plus I was rollin, rollin
I was losing my mind (that molly, that molly)
I was too turnt up
I ain't know how to unwind
Then I slowed my ass down and right now I feel all right
Annie are you okay?
You okay

[Hook X2]

[D.R.A.M. & Sunny (x8)]
For real tho
I luv it, I luv it, I luv it, I luv it