Rappin’ 4-Tay
Where I’m From Remix
On the Remix II
Where You From? Oaktown Fool

[Verse 1:Rappin’4-Tay]
Break it down,baby
Got the 5th real swanging so hood when you ridin’
We will be screamin’
I used to be known as [?] baker
Could never be a minute man, damn good love maker
How about a playa though?
I had your like num oil gel
Shallow and deeper than a ritual
Really don’t make me none
Because I’m packing a thang long
And wanna hit It all night long
Spread them like wings
In the valley on the couch
While you biting the lip
I try to dig my way out
In the California fashion
Is going down passion
Yeah we got action
In the hot to relax in
Rocks dissening, scandal hoes whispering
Obeying the monopoly
Trick is a natural thang
From the bassline kicks to the snare drums
Servin like they deserve it , baby
[Verse 2:Soul Depot]
So n***as in the room
Excuse me my game is way to tight
Got my n***as bout to ride to that money, money eastside
Show me flippin the script
And now them haters is [?]
So let a n***a know, where you from biatch
Gotta be the bomb for know what’s up
Is that player DMP
Comin straight about the car
Haters wanna fuck , but they can’t fade the bomb
I’mma show you how to pop the trunk if you got some funk
It’s all about the Eastside (Sure you right)
That’s the player
Much love to them hustlers, them players and the tale
The B.A.Y is the shit
San Jose the coma is about to hit
With the diggy player P
So depot gotta lift
Throw your hands in the air n***a gonna represent

[Passion Hook]
That’s for the player
Where you, baby?

[Verse 3:Too Short]
Too Short!
I saw you walking down the street and I had stop
Turned up the radio and drop the top
I Say you look so good and yea so fine
I take you to my house we spend some time
It ain’t no secret I’m just a freak
I’m from the Oaktown bitch I came way to weak
So just break me off and don’t say I want
Get it girl now tell me you don’t
[Verse 4:Passion]
All around the Bay my name is known
Cause n***a it’s another hit song
Passion is the player
Got game for them tricks
Cause that’s how we do it in Oakland biatch
Flipping that shit ain’t a thang for me
Cause I’m the real bitch that you try to be
And they better believe I’mma get mine
Damn straight down for the skrilla
Holdin’ down the folks staying true for my n***as
Hoes dropping gotta know I got to pimp this shit
So I step zone up and I gets my grip
The Sideways on a trick who be hatin on my riches
Because I got the n***as jacking like bitches
But ain’t no playas like the ones I got
Short Dog and 4-Tay see the pimpin’ don’t stop
And if you wanna be down with a player
Don’t front throw your motherfuckin hands in the air


That’s for the player
Where you,baby?
But this shouldn’t show me where you at