Marvin and Chardonnay
[Verse 1: OMG]
Didn't want to do it man
I'm chilling in that purple gold, superman
With your bitch in my house
And usually, I got a dick in her mouth
But right now, I'm dickin' her out
Lickin' her out, one more flick in her mouth
The twitch I'm getting out
[?] take out with a [?] in her mouth
(Oh my fucking good)
Swear these hoes bananas
With their smiles and their cameras
What you trying to do after this?
All these hotel mattresses
And tweets from the morning after
How I be that platinum artist
But I keep that gold wrapper
Know what I mean?
O.M.G. is who I is
Run with n***as that will switch your wig
Fill them with the shots by clip by clip
Because there's money to be gathered
I'ma get that shit
Never spit on shit boy I rip shit
And I never really been about that bitch
I like that couldn't make that without that pimp shit
Old school [?] you blimp shit
N***a, I'm on a mission
Fill hoes with inches
Put on extensions
Get on beats and flow relentless
I don't really see you going against it
Why you mad, bruh?
Cause your bitch got her hands up?
I should make her back that ass up
Send her up to my room
And please let her know
That I already packed her a sack lunch
[Hook Sample: Roscoe Dash]
Early in the morning when she’s all alone
I’mma take my time, do it how we want it
Just to set the mood, girl
I bought some Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay (So just let the song play)
The long way, the strong way, it’s our day, it’s our way
This was all inspired by a little Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay

[Outro: O.M.G.]
O.M.G., Oh my Goodness
Jackin' for Beats
Aye, we started jackin' for beats

[Outro Sample: Roscoe Dash]
And this was all inspired by a little Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay