Running Out Of Gaz
Mhm.. Ohh..

Black coffee in my car
Crowded thoughts fighting in my head
No one left I didn't leave the things behind
Will always be a part of me
Funny feeling from my stomach
Tell me where did these words come from
My oh my is this the sign for gathering the stuff in my life

Running out of gaz
So much more for the disappearing act
Contagiously drank to reach the top of the mountain
But I'm running out of gaz


Trying to sleep in the backseat
Famous Beatles are bugging me
Wishing I could find the spot I got it somethin
Marked with a X
Hey your stumble is cyclones
Mother earth can you hear me
Baby I just had to wave the rainbow won't you
Lift without the crane
Chorus x2

I'm feeling rahter funky
All my girls go and shower
Sorry man no bumps allowed I think I have
To ask you to leave
Anyways I'm leaving for a better place
Don't ask cause I'm better
This feeling I have primer long way to go long time flies away
Gotta hurry cause I ain't can't stay