InI (US)
Microphonist Wanderlust
[Intro: Rob-O]
Yeah, yeah wake it up all my n***as
In the cut this going to all my my
Yo what I am saying wanderlust
Check it out and yeah ya don't

[Verse 1: Rob-O]
I put feelings aside, I know who I am
Hesitation wasn't part of the plan
See; the R to the O-B-O, the God cipher
Controversial rhyme writer who rhyme tighter
Who shine brighter, make moves and manipulate
Intricate vocabulary and articulate
Writing shit at will while ya can't relate
Instead of rushing make ya whack ass wait
Rob Odindo enormous lyrical with endurance
Coming with the slick performance
Now check the chorus
Unpredictable still so while y'all wack n***as chill (Chill)
I bubble with the underground mass appeal
Constantly ya know the God be beatin it up see
We got it throughout new york chaotic
Wild style is retarded movements like robotic
Coming with the press that move product

Wanderlust, and ya don't stop
For all my n***as in the cut, yeah, yeah
To all my people I trust, yeah
Ha, that new shit
Yeah, yeah, ya don't stop
For all my n***as in the cut
Uh, wanderlust
[Verse 2]
All these beats with my rhymes attached
Form a new creation that y'all tryin' to catch (Catch)
But check it I won't sweat it
Give ya corny ass credit
The God gettin athletic I am copacetic
Unpredictable supreme factor super spectacular
Sparklin like crystal with this style
Wow ya average attempts is minimal
See adrenaline pumps through the heart and
Most chumps when Rob-O
Time and follow through presentation
Writing rhymes like ya add equations
From punctuation the trumpcation
I keep it fly, n***a, face it
Now quote this conversation
Dope rap component topple many opponents
Solo microphonist yo who's next to hold this (Rob-O)
Yes, yes, y'all phenomenal
Next plateau, insurmountable

[Chorus: Rob-O & Sample]
Wanderlust, yeah, yeah, ha ha ha
For all my n***as in the cut
Ya don't stop
To all my people in the—
Caught up in the who's and what, wanderlust, wanderlust
Caught up in the who's and what, wanderlust, wanderlust
Yeah, yeah
To all MC's to get open
Check it out;
[Verse 3: Rob-O]
Now, rappers—ask yourself same question
Why I am dope in this profession?
Is it because I don't front or pretend, yo?
Or is it 'cause I'm that n***a, Rob Odindo?
The captain of the platinum voice of top choice (Choice)
From Manhattan over Japan and all points
Magnificent like contrary all the hype
Plain and simple it's time to grab the mic it's on (Come on)
Verses a paragraph long correspond like the Quran
You witnessing the discipline like Islam
Steadily in aggressive excel like I expected
Lyrically you're not impressive
Guess who's next (Ha) it's Rob O east coast, uptown
Mc'n the most, who spreadin' Mecca all around
Selecting the sound I make these party people how to DJ and mix
The shit j—

[Chorus: Rob-O & Sample]
Like that, wanderlust-lust, lust
Lust, lust, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Uh, uh, '96, ha-ha, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Check it out, ya don't stop

[Outro: Rob-O & Sample]
Wanderlust, yeah, yeah
Can't touch us
Oh, oh, oh