If I Die Tomorrow
Y'all in that mood yet?! (in that mood yet)
Y'all in that mood yet?!?! (in that mood yet)
If I died tomorrow
See if I died tomorrow
Yo, yo yo yo yo

I woke up around nine, day felt like no other
Kissed wifey on the forehead, told her that I love her
Thinking as I look for where my car keys at
I know it ain't promised I'll be back
See if I died tomorrow
Whether from a disease or from a bullet
I wouldn't be mad, I lived my life to the fullest
I drove cars that I never thought I would
I fucked broads never thought I could
See if I died tomorrow
I'd be in heaven with the folk that raised me
Grandma, Jimmy, Great Grandma Daisy
'Least I'd be around some people that's just like me
'Least I'd be around my Uncle Mikey
If I died tomorrow
I know moms would probably be hysterical
For 25 years she seen me be a miracle
Seen me come a long way just by being lyrical
Naw I ain't act religious but God know me to be spiritual
If I died tomorrow, wouldn't feel like it's wrong
I ain't expect to be here this long
They told me before I get 21 that they would have my
Grave handy
Two years later, nominated for a Grammy
Vibe Awards, Kev said I probably shouldn't go with him
He ain't think I wouldn't make it good at the podium
Fans wanting the best for me
I couldn't be there as I won but Treach all my Jersey
Heads rep for me
If I died tomorrow then what would it mean
Already feel like I'm livin my dream
Came across some pretty interesting folk
I met some new people
Ain't move alot of units, but touched a few people
So I might get frustrated fuckin wit the hood son
But everyday above ground is a good one
Walk out the door and leave it in God's hands
If I go it's just part of God's plan
If I died tomorrow
Will life carry out the same
Well at least my little man can carry out the name
And look, I can say I lived my life without stress
If I died tomorrow, I'm fine I been blessed, Yes!
I made some money, and true I could've had more
But he's happy and what more could he ask for
If it was no diamonds and no begets
I still would have no worries, I got no regrets
I made my mom proud, and pop feels the same way
But he's a man so he probably got too much pride to say
Can't count my blessings on one hand, more than a handful
And God ain't send nothin my way I couldn't handle
If I know I was called to go
I know one thing that's for sure
I'll be alllriiight.. cuz it was my time
And if its one thing that I know
I don't regret one choice I chose
I'm livin my life
If I was gonna die tomorrow

Yo if I died tomorrow
Throw a little liquor in the sky
I'm good here don't ask God why, don't cry
I did everything I wanted, left nothin unturned
Roll sumtin, light it, let it burn
If I died tomorrow...
Naw I don't wanna die tomorrow.. said I DON'T WANNA
Well just in case, remember my ways, remember my face
For all that remember my place
I love me
Best thing about dying tomorrow I won't see anybody I love leave
So if the Lord take me, don't re-incarnate me
I don't wanna come back, and please DON'T MAKE ME
Don't cry, just wave goodbye
Let all my songs rock, smile at me in the sky
Don't pour liquor, I'll save n***as some Hennessey
Just play a spades game, slame a card in my memory I speak my mind
I roll a blunt with God, know he smoke sumtin better than any weed you can find
So pass that Jesus
You gotta get high to think of all these diseases that
Put us right where he is
Damn I'mma miss my mans, miss my chick, miss my fam
Miss my fans
The world is like jail, this is like Debang
So now take it all back, I won't miss a thing
I'm feelin pretty wise
And death I can take off this disguise
When it come just let it be a surprise
I'd rather it quickly
I may not be remembered as the best, that's cool, long as y'all don't forget me
Now who the fuck you think is living to this day
I try to tell my young n***as crime don't pay
So I hope Ma Dukes can understand where I was
And hope Trey can be a better man than I was
I don't wanna live to be 80
Life's a cycle
The older you get, more you live like a baby
You could barely move, folk gotta be there for you
Diapers on, n***as gotta take care of you
Learn shit all over again
Skin wrinkled, ya memory gone, and you a memory gone
'Least in '03 I made a few folk dance
I wanna thank Def Jam cuz they gave me a chance
Wanna thank my street n***as
The show me the streets n***as
When it's your turn I'm at the pearly gates to greet n***as
When it was beef n***as
Snatch the heat n***as
Said 'Mouse you a star give that back to me' n***as
My n***a Big Perm, fuck being a hype man
Since Lincoln High School my n***a been my right hand
Dude MK already know that I love him
You like a third brother, you past being a cousin
The mother of my baby for giving me my baby
Naw, I won't trash you, you been aight lately
Heights, Still, and Du, can't forget Dub B
Held me down when I ain't know how to love me
I mean back in the days I felt so ugly
I can't say why, bitches always dug me
A lightskinned n***a, always kept a fresh line
My feelings like wine, just got better with time
So if I die tomorrow, and y'all choose to ignore him
Just say he repped Jers' like nobody before him
Look, I can say I lived my life without stress
If I died tomorrow, I'm fine, I been blessed, Yes!
If I died tomorrow, I'm fine, I been blessed, Yes!