Ola Playa
Real in tha Field
[Verse 1: Bloody Jay]
Kill or be killed I'm a killer
Bloody Jay a gorilla
It's A horror movie, Michael Jackson Thriller
Ain't no n***a realer, 187 Blood spitter
It's cold out here, bring your chinchilla
Real Recognize real, and you don't look familiar
Blood Rich Gang, the la familia
We tall like a building
We just vibing, we just building
Sex Money Murder, the underworld
ABG anybody get it, boys and girls
Like the [?], fuck the [?]
I rather count a million bucks
I'mma make them lay it down for a million pluss

Shoot or get shot, Serve or get served, rob or get robbed
Its kill or be killed, its real in the field(kill or be killed, its real in the field)

[Verse 2: Bloody Jay]
I speak for the bloods, I speak from the field
I'm a referee, I'm official in that field, huh?
Real field n***a, you a house n***a, so you don't know how it feel n***a, HUH?
This shit get real, this shit get ugly, Shit better be in you not on you
Blatlanta, we banging like its California,Huh?
Them young n***as smoke you like some marijuana
It's hard on them corners, I came up off that corner
Young Scooter, I'm the streets, you just in them
I'm a veteran, you a beginner
But now i won, I'm the winner

[Verse 3:Ola Playa]
I keep that blow torch, How the hell you gone approach me?
They say they want the slimer head back as a trophy
I'm still in that European [?] offset like [?]
1 life to live n***a, better keep your eyes open
Leave your ass wet up soaking, in the pool or playing with your mouth open
Young dirty bastard don't give a fuck, wt your mama house up with them super soakers
King slime young [?]
Put the hoodie up, with my chinchilla
Then sit back like I'm Frank Lucas
Got them fucking Franks cooking
Shout out to my shooters