Champion Sound
"This one is hot and sizzling!"

[Verse 1: J Dilla]

Get up in it
Start her up
Get her washed dog, prime her armor up!
Big wheels, Cadillac grilled up
Keep your Esc cause daddys' got the Dilla
Custom, plus them
22's but you say what's them?
3rd row, square 10's
I let the bass hit so they wear in
So loud, (What!) roll out (What!)
Tint the windows with the hydro cloud
Big trucks, best when it's cold out
Hear me pulling up in front of yo' house
When I hops in, it gets to choppin'
All Jeep n***as keep it knockin'

[Verse 2: J Dilla]

Yeah, for my live n***as, ugh
Here we go, another chapter
I ain't lickin' no, neck no back
Better get my nuts, my sac
Whether in my truck, my pad
My live thug n***as know what I mean
A live bitch thats what I need
And I ain't about to spend no money on her
Nothing more than a hundred on her
To the stripper and runnin' on her
In a minute I'll be cummin' on her
That's it, like that quick
Dilla Dawg, Madlib that shit!