Strip Club
[Intro: Madlib]
Hey y'all, step up in this strip club look like it's popping up in here
Check this shit out

[Verse 1: Madlib & Quasimoto]
It's like you're swimming with infinity symmetry
Quick cash for the days one of your inner need
Other girls getting jealous now you're clocking some enemies
Other n***as hating 'cause we up in the V.I.P
Um, fuck, I guess I'll sip on some Hennessy (N***a let's go)
Damn, I've been her since 10 to 3
Hey, you wanna go upstairs?
Go upstairs?
What you gonna do?
We can get more intimate
You gonna do what I say?
I can touch you, you can touch me
Yup, even there, c'mon let's go
Fuck it

[Interlude Quasimoto & Madlib]
Only 'cause these honeys over here are sex freaks
Special treatment, so I guess I'll be back next week
Yeah n***a that shit's pretty cool, man
Yeah, yes she did
And let's go to this other strip club down the way over here man
Shake that shit
Oh damn, look at her, what's up witchu how you doin'?
Hey, let go of my arm, let go of my arm
Hold on, let me change into something more comfortable

[Verse 2: Madlib & Quasimoto]
Lap dance, lap dance, lap dance
ATM machines for your whole advance
When you in the strip club, taking it off, shaking it off
Oh that one was free?
Homie underground getting cash money
She sat in my lap, I fit in her gap
An automatic trap, y'all n***as know that
Hey Quas where you going with that?
Yep, that's what I thought
Ayo girl, psst psst
My n***a told me in the spot a lot of girls is hoeing
She talkin' 'bout she wanna come where I'm goin' (What?)
I'm like, "Nah, I ain't even really knowin'"
Hmm, I'll take your number
Now my ego was growing
I guess since you smoke I'll pay you in weed
Yep, up in the spot you takin' the lead
Even though variety, is the spice of life
Oh shit, that's my n***a's wife
[Outro: Madlib]
Oh shit, Jerry Springer shit
Alright y'all, I'm out y'all
Peace, peace
Open the door, yo, i'm home
Open the door I forgot my keys
Oh it's open