Backseat Religion
[Verse 1]
Thirteen, flirting with the devil
No understanding of church
So under the "terms of heaven"
I'm a sinner, right?
Depends who preaching
Am I reaching?
My sins hail to no man
Woah, man
My peers reveal my teachings
Can you give me a minute?
Of course, I've read the bible
But I never get to finish...
Is the word done when the work come?
Competing hypocrites
Am I in turn one for wanting?
Turn me up
So I can preach to these people
It's opinion, right?
If all opinions can be mentioned
Am I different for intending lies?
It bent you, right?
Well, at the knees at least...
Learned to pray alone
I need to teach my mental
I'm into all sorts of things
Surely gospel on a Sunday
Sure, we gossip on a Monday
But we're possum when the cost is at our pockets
Am I imposing religion?
Believing isn't seeing, n***a
Tell me bout your Christian...

[Bridge: DavidAnthony]
I'm in the backseat of this Caddy
And I am so confused
Cause in church they praising
Raising they hands & saying "thank you"
Out of church it ain't the same

What will I do in the future? [x4]

So tell me...
Tell me about your Christian
Tell me, tell me...
About your Christian