[Hook x2: Pauer]
Put them Bible verses off to shred, literal and lyrical here's what is left
"Something we all adore, something worth dying for"
"And the shout that he gave, was that of a lion's roar"
"This song is for Ms. Wallace, Afeni Shakur, and all the mothers of dead sons that went out in a war"

[Verse 1: Pauer]
Paradox, right? Fuck
I seen it coming with that Pac hook
It was all just branded in my mind, after all the times I heard my Uncle Randy and my pop bump
Oh well, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
For the ones who past and the ones who must
Y'knaw-I-mean? Molly rappers, and the motherfuckers that got no passion
PROBLEM, Tyga, YG asses
I'm not Kendrick, I'm not naming the ones who get the passes
This ain't Schindler's List, you fucking magnets
"Bitch, Turnt, Ho"?
The fucking madness
If this shit is average, I'm fine being in the motherfuckin' psychiatric

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: ReckLess]
Hooks from The Bible, it's a massacre
Ask anyone they will concur
Gunning for the title, riding on my rivals
Reefer Boyz, we in this bitch
Amd I'ma drink until I hurl
We turnt up, that's no lie, we them guys, I stay high
Rule number 1, don't mix no business with no friendship
Man fuck a friendship
Pauer gave me the green light, so it's a must I kill the track
I'm having visions of making a killing, and getting these millions, and stacking them to the ceiling
(Ugh) Bitch, I got no feelings, I'm heartless, I'm ruthless
Motherfuckers, I'm ReckLess
You're listening to a legend (Reefer Boyz, Verses from the Bible)

[Pauer: Outro]
I don't give a shit about success
To me it doesn't matter
I'm gonna succeed, whether or not
It doesn't matter, unless you fail, while I'm succeeding