Hu$tle Den Shine

All my n***as hustle then shine bitch (x8)


All I do is make this fucking money

Everyday Guadalupe, Dominique shit ain't funny and if you play with my I will burst your belly (yea)

That's what I said burst you up with lead and do not give a fuck even though your blood bled (yes)

This shit is very red, put you in your shoes and make you piss your bed (yes)


Bath Estate city we representing blue blue

Even though I'm not from here I still consider myself a true blue (yea)

Cause I bleed blue and if you fuck with us we will kill you (yes, yes)

And we gotta make this paper, fucking paper chaser, kill them fucking haters (yea)

They claim them man is players they just player haters (yea)

I will cut you with these razors, cut you with these razors (X2)


All my n***as hustle then shine bitch (x8)

Only real n***as on my block, fuck around and get your head popped

All my n***as they with the shit, all my n***as they killers bitch

I fuck a lot of thots, all i get is guap, n***a i'm the boss you don't wanna get a shot

Fuck around imma call Ser Swa he gon hit you with the 5 shoota, fuck around imma call [boujang?] he keep that 30 on hand

N***a fuck around get headshot (X2)

RIP to a fuck n***a, got his face on a T-shirt now

I'll leave a n***a T-shirt red, i'll leave a n***a fucking dead

My n***as they killers, my n***as they savage

My n***as with the shit, my n***as they boss
All my n***as hustle then shine bitch (x8)