Kobe Bryant
Steve Urkel Slam Poem
Urkel to Urquelle, suspenders to lapels
From nerdy Steve, got any cheese?
So puny and weak, a metamorphosis from geek to fleek
From caterpillar to butterfly
The cocoon, a metal chamber, re-arranger of DNA
From nottie, to hottie, different person, same body
Using science and playing God, he became an Adonis
A charming disarmer with style and confidence
With the pull of a lever, with the wave of a wand, he enters a nerd, but now he emerges...Stefan
Ha! He laughs in the face of God
Is it a sin, though, to change who you are?
To win the heart of Laura Winslow?
Whom he woos, as he coos..."wake me, shake me, break me, but baby don't forsake me."
But this transmogrification, this Stefan-ification of Steve, is but a reprieve, 'fore the boss sauce wears off
Steve. Stefan. Steve. Stefan. Who am I? What have I done?
As one man retracts, and fades to black
The other appears in the place he was at
Face in a mask, he doesn't react
Just looks in the mirror, a stranger stares back, and asks
Did I do that?