Kobe Bryant
Rappin on this beat
You already know i dont beat my meat
I just wanna skeet
Talking with my bros
Talkin bout’ some shit
About lil fluffy and how he gon get hit

Hit it on the beat drop (yuh)
Hit it on my feet jah
Gonna beat my meat? (nah)
Ain't no sleep (yah)

Mm mm mm ou

Flex hard
Get angry
Show anger
I got anger
Ill make some danger
Put you on a hanger
Like holdup

Yeah its lil brody in the city
You know we litty
Got a kitty wit a extra titty
Yeah my girl she really pretty
I just joined the rap comittee
Got a skittle call em’ skitty
Yeah my school is really shitty
It’s like the teachers got no pity
Now I’m fucking on yo bitty, yuh

Ok ok ok i gotta slow it down now I don’t wanna set my house on fire but
I’m still angry
I still got anger
All inside my head man jus know this a banger

Sorry I switched the flow again but that’s just how I rap
Imma real real hitta no cap
My teeth used to have a gap
And it made me wanna snap
Man I’m boutta take a nap
But holdup let’s recap..

I got anger
Some fucking anger
I’ll make some danger
Put u on a hanger
If I have a cliff hanger
It will be a club banger
But I got This anger
It makes me wanna kill someone
But wit a air gun
Nah it’s time to have fun