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"BTS Pre-Debut Information"

BTS Pre-Debut Tracks:

All participating BTS members are written on the left column. Additional artists in the song are included in brackets to the right of the song title.

RM: “Jungle” [LUPE, Suprema, 윤달 (yoondal)]
RM: “Collabo/Untitled Collab” [Tailess]
RM: “Check the Voice” [라이머, 문화의사대, Black $heep, rap k.o, 문스피어, Kwind, TL, 몽숭이, Star Yankie, 찌질보이, 대포, BLAGI]
RM: “7 Dayz” [Popinjay]
RM: “필청 최고인듯 (f*ck c*ckroachez)” [Nacseo (Zico)]
RM: “LaLaLa” [이얀 (Eiyan), 201호]
RM: 녹음물 (untitled recording) [Uglyduck]
RM: “Can We [original title unknown]”
RM: “The Realest” [김거덕]
RM: “Kanji Player” [Tangent]

RM: "Wicked Man" [Reslug]
RM, Supreme Boi: “2009년 2번째 94년생 단체곡 (2009's Second 94-Liners Group Rap)” [삼순, 윤달, Kyum2, LUPE, Wildbuck]
RM: “일단 들어봐 (Listen First)”
RM, Supreme Boi: “The Swagger” [Kronic Flow, Kyum2]

SUGA (producing only): 518-062 [낙션 (Nakshun)]
RM: Dreamin’
BPB (RM, IRON, Supreme Boi): Hook 가요
RM: Where U At?
BPB (RM, IRON, Supreme Boi): We Are B.P.B
BPB (RM, IRON): 재 (Ashes) [Lim Jeong-Hee]
BPB (RM, IRON, Supreme Boi): Love U, Hate U [2AM]
SUGA: Swagger
SUGA: Diss

BPB (RM): Bad Girl [GLAM, Lee Hyun]
BPB (RM, IRON, Supreme Boi): Because I’m a Foolish Woman [Kan Mi Youn]
RM, Supreme Boi: Rollin’ [DNH (Randa, Supreme Boi, Marvel J, Kyum2)]
SUGA: All I Do Is Win
RM: 비싼여자 (Expensive Girl)
RM: The Rap Monster
RM: Glory
BTS (RM, SUGA, j-hope): 팔도강산 (Satoori Rap) - orig. ver.
BTS (RM, j-hope): “널 웃게 할 노래 (Song to Make You Smile)” [Lee Seung Gi]

RM: U Can’t Do That [DNH]
RM: Naa
RM: Illest b*tch
BTS (RM, SUGA, Jin): 학교의 눈물 (School of Tears)
RM: Tipsy [Supreme Boi]
RM: Favorite Girl
RM, Jungkook: Like a Star
RM: Thinkin’ Bout U [David Oh]
RM: Regular Girl
RM: Suicide
j-hope: Animal [Jo Kwon]
RM: Vote (닥투)
RM (video appearance by Jin): Let's Introduce BANGTAN ROOM
BTS (all but J-hope): A Typical Trainee’s Christmas
RM, Jungkook: Waterfalls
RM, Jin: Trouble

RM: Freestyle
RM: Freestyle 2
RM: Unknown Title (on Nicki Minaj- Itty Bitty Piggy)
BTS (RM, SUGA, Jin):어른아이 (Adult Child)
BTS (j-hope, Jimin, Jungkook): 방탄소년들의 졸업 (Bangtan Graduation)
SUGA: Dream Money
RM: Freestyle 3
RM: Freestyle 4

Post Debut Releases Not Included On Soundcloud
Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook: You're My (cover)
BTS - I Need A Girl (live cover)
RM - Memories

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