Fort Minor
Who I Am (Remember The Name Remix)
[Verse 1]
Let me enter this game with a pen in my hand
A pad to write rap let me tell who I am
Whatever lyrics this rappers write I been writing the same
But this my passion and hobby not doing it for the fame yeah
Wrote my first rap when I was eleven
Wrote that in class I was in standard seven
Recorded first time own song feels like I'm in heaven
Was with E-minor the title was
"when God meets the devil"
It feels too cool but no one listen to that
Admitted it ain’t good the rhyme and flow were bad
Recorded with the phone that shit made me sad
But now I'm harder and I'm back
And other rappers will be plaque
In morning dope beats I’m eating
At the afternoon bitches
Dope rhymes I'm spitting
Night time motherfuckers
Dope flows I'm shitting
With my rap yeah dope rappers I'm kicking
Hundred rappers in my tummy
They only rap about the money
I'm a different guy I rap about some stories
The stories you never heard before the stories untold
The stories that will make your heart turn cold
Born in a place where rap ain't on big stage
They tryna stop us saying rap make no way
This is the game which the drug addict are only to play
But I ain't giving fuck to single words y'all are saying
I ain’t giving fuck what people think about me
This people are not giving me any food to eat
So why the fuck should I think about them shit
My life is lit and I’m living it as a cool kid bitch
Remember the name
It's H-I-L-S
Who’s the best
It's H-I-L-S
Who's the next
It's H-I-L-S
Locked in golden chest
It’s H-I-L-S

[Verse 2]
Had been bullied in the class yeah
Had been fully manner still I got beaten in the ass yeah
Got worst memories from past wanna make it last
Never repeat it back got some weed in the stack yeah
Tired of showing people that I laugh a lot
Even if the pain the only thing in life I got
What you gain bitch are you alive or not
"Shut the fuck up"oh bitch that line was hot
They say oh my Hil-s that instrumental you just kill son
You so dope spitting the fact are you a still bun
A drunken spree started rap and begin the real fun
You lines are more hard than famous rappers like lil pump
I ain't need a Glock to kill rappers on the spot
My rhyme and vocal chord enough to do this cool fucking job
Some years from now you gonna
Call his rhymes are sick dawg
Fake rappers shouldn't hold mic they should hold my big cock
Lack of money can't stop me now I'm breaking this barz
This cages can't lock me now I'm being a big star
Only thing I gain is pain you can see my big scar
Got a dream of having money big houses and big cars
I got best homies I got my best dreams
Now I need to fulfill it with my fucking best teams
Rappers forgotted to be real let me teach them some skills
No one can stop us we are in our fucking best scene

Remember the name
It's H-I-L-S
Who's the best
It's H-I-L-S
Who's the next
It's H-I-L-S
Locked in golden chest
It's H-I-L-S