Watch Your Drinks
Yo, hang tight the ladies
You need to look after yourself
Cause there's some dutty guys out there
Trust me
It's more likely to happen to you, more than you think

[Verse 1]
Alright girls, raise your glass in the air
Strut your stuff, tell them you don't care
If you've got a boyfriend but a next man's tryna draw you
Tell him that he don't compare
Get up and dance if you like what you hear
Don't be boring and try stay in the chair
If you came with a few friends and they wanna dance
Don't get lost, stay in your pairs
But if you ain't got a boyfriend at home
Let me see you dance, get in the zone
If you wanna take one of these boys home
Don't be shy, let one of these boys know
But mind how much you drink though
Cause you don't wanna throw up and lose your phone
Every girl thinks that they've got control
Till you wake up in the next man's home

I'm saying let loose, don't be timid
Rave and drink till it's finished
Or if you're driving, be careful
Please watch the alcohol limit
Don't leave a drink on the side
Cause a guy might just put something in it
Don't leave a drink on the side
Cause a guy might just put something in it
[Verse 2]
I don't mean to spoil the vibe
By all means, have a good time
Just don't leave a drink on the side
Unattended cause that could be the end of the night
When a guy walks past and puts something inside
You start feeling dizzy but you've only had two drinks
Blood that's not a good sign
Don't lie to your friends and say that you're fine
Cause they'll believe you and think that you are
You might faint and the staff won't know
Cause they've got bredders arguing up by the bar
Now you've lost your bag and the keys to your car
Bare drunk people are walking past
Staring at you like "what's wrong, star?"
Drink water next time you feel nuts
Otherwise it's long and a par


[Verse 3]
If you've got a drink, and you think it's
Got something inside, don't drink it
Cause curiosity killed the cat
So don't be a dumb cat and risk it
I know you just wanna be cheerful
And you don't wanna hear this earful
But I'm serious, ladies of all ages
Really need to be more careful
Unlikely is what you think
But you'll be surprised at what type of guys
Will probably spike your drink
They don't care what you like or think
You can be yellow, black, white or pink
To them it don't make a difference
All I ask is a simple thing
Roll with friends and watch your drinks